Monday, December 30, 2019

December Purchases

December Purchases

  1. Brown plaid pants-c/o XCVI (exact, worn here)
  2. Rust colored top-c/o XCVI (exact, worn here)
  3. Grey windowpane sweater-c/o via amazon (exact)
  4. Grey and striped tunic top-c/o via amazon (exact)
  5. Burgundy plaid sweater dress-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  6. Buffalo plaid color block 1/4 zip-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  7. Grey collared top with red plaid-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  8. White quilted top with red plaid-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  9. Black sequined tree sweatshirt-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  10. Plaid fleece pullover-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  11. Green striped sweater-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  12. Brown and black striped turtleneck-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  13. Corduroy skirt-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  14. Jeweled mules-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  15. White croc print mules-c/o Shein (exact, worn here)
  16. LV Flower Zippered Tote- (similar, save option) $255.02 from my clothing allowance after I used my blog income
Total: $255.02

I really didn't do any shopping this month! I purchased my new bag in November, but didn't receive it until December so I included it here, but for all intents and purposes, I did not shop in December! I absolutely love my new bag though. I wanted a darker color for winter and the black interior and strap are so perfect when you have children. I don't feel as worried about it as I do my Azure Neverfull in regards to stains. It's nice that you can hold it or wear it crossbody, too. I went a little plaid-crazy with Shein items, but they are really cute and are an amazing price. They were fun to wear around Christmastime and I think they will work well next fall, too!

For next month I don't have anything on my wish list, but I do need a new pair of leopard flats soon so I will be keeping my eye out for any sales! What about you?

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