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Avoid the Holiday Season Rush With These Three Tips

Avoid the Holiday Season Rush With These Three Tips

From work, to home responsibilities, to finding last-minute stocking stuffers for the family, it can seem like there is simply not enough time in the day this time of year. If you’re feeling a little frazzled by your ever-growing TO DO list, these tips will help you find a couple of minutes here and there to take some much-needed ‘me time’.

Avoid the Holiday Season Rush With These Three Tips

Get Services to Come to You

Whether your child has guitar lessons, or you’re overdue a haircut, or you want to book in for a medical aesthetic service, finding professionals who will come to your home is a great way to save a little time. Not only will you avoid the traffic, but you might be able to get more than one thing done at once. For example, while your child is having their guitar lesson, you could be chopping vegetables in the kitchen, rather than waiting in the car.

Some businesses will advertise that they’re happy to come to your home, but even if they don’t, it’s always worth asking. For example, if you’re used to meeting your accountant at their office, it might not have occurred to you that they could be happy to drop by your home for your next meeting if that’s something that would be really helpful to you. When in doubt, just ask!

Know Your Essential Items

Every home has essentials. Whether it’s toilet paper or peanut butter, some items can’t be noted down on next week’s shopping list when they run out—you need them now! That means stopping at the store on the way home, or in the middle of your day. Whether you are driving to work or dropping the kids of at school, one of the most reliable ways to add an unexpected hour to your day is to ‘pop in’ at the store. To avoid last-minute stops on the way home, it’s useful to make a list of all the things in your household that your family considers essential. Then spend a couple of minutes at the start of each month either placing your bulk orders online, or noting down on your shopping list how many of each item you will need. However you manage your shopping, you won’t regret the time you invest in making sure that you’re stocked up for the coming month.

Avoid the Holiday Season Rush With These Three Tips
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At the end of the year, it’s easy to get snowed under with responsibilities. Whether you’re planning the Christmas menu or performing seasonal home maintenance, the December and January ‘to do’ lists seem to fill up really quickly.  When this happens, it’s normal to take all the responsibility on yourself, thinking ‘what’s one more thing?’ each time something new crops up. Eventually, your to-do list is longer than you can handle, and you have no plan B! Stop the madness and holiday stress!

When the chores start pouring in at this time of year, it can be helpful to call on people you can depend on to help out and spread the load. Perhaps your neighbor would be willing to team up and do yard chores together. Maybe your hubby can make dinner a few nights a week or come home early on Fridays to help the kids with homework. And don’t forget little reliable people, too. If they’re old enough, your kids might feel included if you give them a few small responsibilities, like unloading the dishwasher or feeding the dog.

Avoid the Holiday Season Rush With These Three Tips

With the end of the year and holidays upon us, it can be hard to keep everything in check. These tips will help you create a little extra breathing room in your schedule!

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