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Simply Earth Starter Box

Simply Earth Starter Box review

I was fortunate to have a collaboration with Simply Earth over a few months a while back. It was such a great box with lots of fun recipes and useful items to make! My oldest daughter and I had so much fun making the recipes and we still use the oil blends and many of the items we made on a daily basis! You can find my previous posts here: June, July, August, and September. The monthly recipe box is a wonderful way to get started with using essential oils in your daily life. If the monthly box is sold out by the time you sign up, Simply Earth has created a NEW starter box to send you until you receive your first monthly subscription box the following month. Make sure to use my referral link and code IDODECLAIREFREE to receive a free bonus box and $40 gift card towards a future box or anything else on their site! They were kind enough to send me one to review and share what's inside with you all!

The starter box comes with aloe vera, spray bottle, 2 lip balm containers, and the following essential oils:

  • Lemon- energizes, cools, supports mental clarity, helps to clean naturally
  • Tea Tree- uplifts, promotes healthy skin, supports respiration, helps to clean naturally  
  • Frankincense- supports immunity, helps skin heal, relieves joint pain and tension, provides respiratory support 
  • Sleepy Blend- helps to relax and calm before bedtime 

Similar to the monthly subscription box, the Starter Box contains a roller, diffuser blend, and several recipes containing the oils and items in the box.

Sleepy Roll On
Simply Earth Starter Box review
We have a similar bedtime roll on from a previous box that was almost gone. Now we can compare which we like better! My daughter keeps this on her bedside table and uses it nightly!

Fresh Air Diffuser Blend 
Simply Earth Starter Box review
This diffuser blend has a clean, uplifting scent and contains lemon, tea tree, and frankincense essential oil. When used in a diffuser, it helps to kill airborne bacteria which is important this time of year especially!

Toxin-free Surface Cleaner
Simply Earth Starter Box review
We I actually make a surface cleaner that we use in our kitchen and baths so it was fun to see a different recipe and test it out! Similar to the one I use, it contains lemon and tea tree essential oils which are known to kill bacteria. It also contains vinegar and distilled water. Pretty simple to make, right? And it will probably save you money in the long run! I go through cleaner so fast I wouldn't be able to stock enough, but having the ingredients around I can make it anytime I need. Note: don't use vinegar if using on stone surfaces like granite. I use Isopropyl Alcohol instead or Simply Earth recommends liquid castile soap. This cleaner smells SO nice!

Immunity Boost Hand Sanitizer
Simply Earth Starter Box review
The starter box even contains the aloe vera gel to make this recipe! You could make it in the container the aloe vera gel comes in, but I thought it would be easier to dispense in a pump bottle. It's nice to have a hand sanitizer that cleans AND helps to boost your immune system! Did I mention it smells nice, too? Because it does!

Detox Bath 
Simply Earth Starter Box review
My daughters are obsessed with bubble baths before bed! I normally add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil anyway because it smells so nice and I think it helps them wind down before bed. This recipe for bath salts is the perfect alternative! The coconut oil helps moisturize and the Sleepy Essential Oil Blend helps to calm.

Lemon Meringue Lip Balm 
Simply Earth Starter Box review
Making beauty products is so much fun! And I love that this recipe makes 2 containers of lip balm (one for yourself and one to gift!). It does make extra so you may want to have an additional container so the extra isn't wasted. It smells so nice! I love the lemon scent and I don't worry if my youngest wants to use it too because I know it is natural!

Simply Earth Starter Box review
The Simply Earth subscription box is a wonderful opportunity to begin using essential oils more and making useful and fun items you can use in your home. They've even created a FREE downloadable ebook about Essential Oils for Beginners! If you have children, the box is a great way to spend some time with them making things together! This NEW Starter Box makes a wonderful gift or it's a fun way to get started using essential oils before your monthly subscription begins! Use my referral link and my code IDODECLAIREFREE and receive a $40 gift card towards a future box or something else on their site AND a free Bonus Box!! It contains all kinds of little extras to help you make the recipes. 

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