Monday, November 25, 2019

November Purchases

November Purchases

1. Leather leggings- Spanx
2. Velvet leggings- Spanx $60.72
3. White fleece top-c/o via amazon
4. Orange embroidered top-c/o Cait & Kyla
5. Burgundy embroidered top-c/o Cait & Kyla
6. Pink embroidered tunic dress-c/o Cait & Kyla
7. Grey coat- Aritzia $42.69
8. Mustard sweater-c/o via amazon
9. White sweater-c/o SheIn (worn here)
10. Grey sweater-c/o SheIn (worn here)
11. Marled cardigan-c/o SheIn (worn here)
12. Burgundy velvet skirt-c/o SheIn
13. Fair isle sweater-c/o SheIn (worn here)
14. Velvet blazer-c/o SheIn
15. Watch-c/o via amazon
TOTAL: $103.41

Before I start, I want to talk about customer service. My hubby bought me a pair of leather Spanx leggings about one and a half years ago. They were so nice to have after giving birth to Aveline and I felt like they sucked in all that extra I was trying to get rid of. A few weeks ago I noticed the leather look had worn off on the knees and a few other places and was so disappointed. To pay around $100 for leggings that wear out after less than 2 years just isn't in my budget. When I have something that expensive I want it to last! So I reached out to customer service and after a few photos, they were kind enough to give me a store credit and I was able to get a replacement pair. I also ordered a green velvet pair that were on clearance that I can't wait to wear! It's so nice when stores stand behind their products! After trying to get a coat from Artizia using a gift card I had this past summer, I was sent the wrong size twice. Of course after returning the coat and being reimbursed, the coat was out of stock so I was never able to reorder a third time. After checking the past few months, the coat never came back in stock. I noticed a very similar style and in price and reached out to customer service again asking if I could get a price match (I had purchased the original coat on sale). They agreed and I finally have a coat I love for $42 out of pocket. I'm so glad Aritzia made it right in the end.

I actually spent some extra money on running leggings and new running shoes, but didn't include them here. I wanted shoes with extra cushion to help prevent ankle tendonitis in the future so that was an extra $145, but I didn't include them on the list because I really only wear them for running. I also ordered a new bag, but it hasn't come yet so I will include it on next month's post. I'm loving the sweaters and velvet items I received from SheIn this month! I've worn the velvet blazer twice already and gotten so many compliments! I didn't like the belt so I snipped off the belt loops and wear it like an oversized blazer with the sleeves rolled up. It looks much more expensive than it is and the deep green color is perfect for the holidays! I'll be sharing that very soon with a giveaway for the Starking watch, too!

For next month, I'd like to only get a long sleeved running top or two, but if I see a new pair of leopard pumps or flats for a good price I might have to get them since mine are looking a bit worse for wear!

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