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Aldi Finds for Fall

Aldi's Finds for Fall

I keep seeing all these fantastic Trader Joe's posts about all the amazing everyday and seasonal finds. I don't know about you, but I have a list about mile long with things I'd love to try there. The problem is, it's a little farther than our typical grocery store, costs more, and I'd be making an extra trip just for fun. There is no time in my life right now to make a trip just for the fun of it. When we lived in Milwaukee, I shopped at Woodman's. It's a chain grocery store in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. They have great prices and lots of selection. There are many choices near us, but a place I keep turning to for my weekly shopping trips is Aldi! I save so much money and it takes me less than an hour to grocery shop each week...including the drive to and from the store! Overall the quality is great and there are only a few things they don't carry or I prefer to buy the name brand of elsewhere. I've also noticed over the past year how many great seasonal and speciality items Aldi carries and I'm sharing them today. Stock up when you see them in store because these items often go SO fast!

Maple Peanut Butter
I saw this for $1.99 near the checkout this past Saturday. There is a pumpkin spice flavored one, too. I put it on waffles for breakfast for my girls Monday and they gobbled it up. It has a faint maple flavor that mixes well with the PB. Delicious!

Chocolate Toffee Pretzels
I was buying the Pumpkin Spice Pretzels, but those were already sold out so I got these as a treat instead. OMG! These are ten times better! Good thing they only come in smaller bags because these things are dangerous. You can't stop at just one!

Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Sweet Potato Chips

These have a slightly sweet taste that are extra nice this time of year. I might be saving a bag to serve at Thanksgiving as a snack before the big meal!

Pumpkin Spice Cupcake & Frosting Mix
I *think* Duncan Hines makes a version of these that I stock up on every fall. I bought the last 3 boxes at our Aldi. It's such an easy dessert and my girls had so much fun making some and frosting them Monday night. It even comes with a frosting piping bag~

Pepper & Tomato or Butternut Squash Boxed Soup 

No one else in my family likes butternut squash soup besides me. So instead of making an entire batch for myself or missing out on it completely I picked up a box of each of these soups. They will be a perfect fall lunch for me one day!

Southern Grove Snickerdoodle or Pumpkin Spiced Almonds
These look and sound delicious for a mid afternoon snack! I can't even choose which flavor I want to try first!

Coconut Shrimp with Orange Sauce
This isn't a seasonal item, but I thought it worth mentioning. Since my hubby travels so often (about 50% of the time), I always have a few things in the freezer that I can grab for a quick dinner. This is one of those things. I know the entire family likes them and they cook up so fast! I use 2 boxes for the family and there are normally some leftovers. One downside is you have to remove the tail so keep that in mind when serving to kids!

Pumpkin Spice Cream Liquor
Anyone else like Baileys? (raises hand) Sometimes after the girls are in bed, a glass of wine or something else is one sweet reward. I got a bottle of Aldi's brand of Pumpkin Spice Cream Liquor and it was really tasty! I've seen caramel flavored, too. And around $7 a bottle. You can't beat that!

Christkindlmarket Mulled Wine 
I'm SO disappointed Naperville won't be hosting Christkindlmarket this year. It was really convenient and less crowded than the downtown Chicago one. But at least I can get the wine! Aldi has the traditional flavor, apple, and cherry!

Seasonal Doormats
I've been trying to step up my front door style and seasonal doormats is one thing I've been changing each season. Most doormats are around $20, but at Aldi they have a variety of the natural fiber ones for $7 each.

We love to have candles burning, especially as the weather cools down. Yankee Candles are so fragrant, but can be very pricey after a while. I've found some really nice ones that burn for a long time and can make the entire main floor smell nice for under $8 each.

Greeting Cards
I used to go to the Dollar Tree for greeting cards, but I've been stocking up at Aldi instead! They are $.99 each and super cute!

Pumpkin Ice Cream
This ice cream is hands down amazing! It is so creamy and stays that way-it doesn't get overly hard in the freezer the way many ice creams do. It is so delicious, too! Add a dollop of whipped cream and it's just like a pumpkin pie! 

What's your favorite? What great finds have you had at Aldi?

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