Thursday, September 12, 2019

Functional & Fashionable: Comfortable & Cute Shoe Brands

Functional & Fashionable: Comfortable & Cute Shoe Brands

Two items that I love to 'collect' as far as clothing goes are shoes! High quality ones can last for years. And they are items that will always fit you too! No need to worry if you gain or lose a few pounds. Now there is nothing like picking out a fun date night heel, but my favorite shoe to find is a good pair of comfortable shoes that are cute! It shouldn't be like finding a needle in a haystack. These are the tried and true shoes that we want to reach for every single day. They are supportive, built to last, made of quality materials, and are fashionable. I've been lucky to find some brands that I turn to that provide cute options and are really comfortable to wear. So here are some of my favorite brands and my fall picks from them!

I have quite a few ABEO shoes in my closet and I love each and every one! They have different footbeds you can order to best support your foot. They are well made and really help absorb the shock as you walk and your foot strikes the ground. Typically shoes from ABEO will run you over $100. They are totally worth it though. I prefer their wedges over my flat sandals! The best part is that currently all of these boots and booties are on sale for under $50 which is an amazing deal!
Functional & Fashionable: Comfortable & Cute Shoe Brands

Cognac bootie | Black wedge bootie | Brown slouch boot | Knit boot

4Eusole is another brand you can count on for comfort. Their selection is smaller than that of ABEO, but you can still find some cute ones and they are pretty classic so they won't go out of style anytime soon. It looks like sizes are limited where I've found them, but the prices are pretty low-typically they go for over $100 too!
Functional & Fashionable: Comfortable & Cute Shoe Brands
Cognac loafers | Burgundy clogs | Black booties | Lace up bootie

Cougar shoes 
I have one pair of Cougar booties and they are my favorite for traveling overseas. What I love about this brand is that they are water resistant. So if you are running errands and it is rainy or slushie from snow and don't want to wear your rain boots, these are perfect. It's so nice to have a casual option of shoes that you don't have to worry about in the elements. That's why I love to have them for traveling. One of our favorite destinations is Ireland and there is a good chance for rain during every trip. Getting water resistant shoes can do double duty and cut down on your overall baggage. If you have high arches you might want a different insole, but they are shock absorbing in my opinion. 
Functional & Fashionable: Comfortable & Cute Shoe Brands
Blush sneaker | Sport bootie | Lace up black booties | Leopard booties

For years the Naturalizer brand has been kind of thought of as a purely comfort shoe brand meaning they aren't fashionable. But they've been stepping it up in recent years and have lots of super cute options! I had a pair of black boots I literally wore into the ground. 
Functional & Fashionable: Comfortable & Cute Shoe Brands
Berry flats | Snakeskin booties| Grey buckle loafers | Suede booties  

So what shoe brands do you turn to for comfort AND style?
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