Friday, August 16, 2019

What Your Clothes Can Do For You

What Your Clothes Can Do For You

Clothing may have been invented for survival, but now? Well, we’re much more advanced than that, aren’t we? We’re now at the stage where clothing means a little more than just the necessities. And thank goodness for that! What we wear says a lot about us, intended or unintended.

There are so many ins and outs of the fashion industry; so many fine details; so many different bits and pieces that can make or break a certain look. Just think about it. Colors, prints, accessories, layers, formality, and more. Of course that is not as serious when you are dressing for the day to day. But clothing can certainly have a positive or negative impact on things. 

They Can Help You Get The Job You Want

When you apply for the job you want, you worry about how the interview will go, what it will feel like if they offer you the position, and how your future in that company will look. First things first, though: you have to ace the interview. One of the biggest parts of the interview is the first impression. Interviewers will often know shortly into the interview if they want to offer you the position or not and a way of upping those chances is arriving to your interview looking the part. If you dress too casually the company may get the wrong impression that you aren't motivated to try which may translate to your work ethic. But if you arrive tailored, modest, and in subdued colors you will radiate professionalism and that will be an excellent start.

They Can Help You Make a Good Impression

Maybe you have a nice date planned. Maybe it's a first date, a special anniversary, or your monthly night out with your hubby. Whatever the situation, you’re going to want to dress to impress. I love dressing up for dates with my husband because it makes them feel even more special, even if it's only dinner and a movie. You can look nice even if you are going on a casual date. If you are going on a picnic, bike ride, or stroll by the lake, just by making sure you accessorize nicely and don't wear anything that might be worn out. Look if there are any retro jordans for sale and replace those dirty, old sneakers. Do what you can to dress to impress!

They Can Help You Stand Out From the Crowd
If you have a bold and confident personality who likes to show that, then your clothes can do it for you. Flashy patterns and bright colors and statement accessories will help you put it out there. Before you even start a conversation people will know that you’ve got a bold and fun personality just by what you are wearing. If you are more of a quiet and shy introvert, then maybe your style will show that through neutrals and classic cut clothing items. Simple jewelry and not as many trendy pieces won't make you stand out as much. 

Sure clothing is a necessity, but it can really do so much for you. And most of all you can have so much fun with it! 

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