Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cleaning Up with Simply Earth

simply earth september box

I think this month's Simply Earth essential oils box is my favorite so far! I absolutely love the essential oils and the recipes. My daughter and I have been using them a lot! So I'll let you take a peek at what is inside! 
Cleaning Up with Simply Earth

This month's box comes with glycerine soap base, soap mold, and these essential oils/blends:
  • Cajeput-relieves congestion, minor pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms (don't diffuse around young children though because it could cause breathing problems)
  • Lemongrass- good for acne, oily child, can help digestive aid, reduces fevers, helps remove airborne odors, and helps relieve anxiety
  • Bay- can help with pain relief, decongestion, easing muscle spasms, and reducing fever
  • Happy Joy Blend- aids to ease stress and anxiety and promotes feelings of joy and happiness

 The recipes include 3 different types of soap, a roller, diffuser blend, and a compress. The recipes were pretty easy to make this month and didn't need much extra beyond what was already provided in the box. I had it all on hand!

Simply Earth September box
We made the Happy Joy roller first. Since it only contains 2 ingredients it was simple and is my favorite roller yet! We currently have it on our counter and put it on the morning so we have a happy day! And when we are feeling down, we have been trying to remind ourselves to use it, too. It's a nice behavior management tool! Ha!

We also made the diffuser blend. It contains the Happy Joy blend, Lemongrass, Bay, and Cajeput. It has a lovely floral scent with herbal notes. We love it!

The first soap we made was the Sugar Scrub Soap Bar. It includes granulated sugar to help exfoliate. It has the option of adding cinnamon in addition to Bay oil and Happy Joy Blend. It's a spicy, floral scent that is so wonderful! Perfect for fall!

 Flowers, Spice, and Something Nice Soap was fun to make, too. We crunched up a few dried rose petals to add. This soap turned out so pretty! What is nice about this recipe, is that Simply Earth included an alternate choice of essential oils to use to make it kid friendly since Cajeput and Bay are not kid friendly.

Finally we made the Happy Joy Facial Soap. I am just loving the Happy Joy Blend so I knew this soap was going to be fabulous! We didn't have any lemon zest to include, but it was an optional ingredient anyway.

I want to buy more glycerin soap base to make some of these soaps. They would make lovely gifts for hostess gifts or as part of a gift basket! I think we could all use a Happy Joy role on in a few months when the craziness of the holiday season starts, too!

Simply Earth September box

The Simply Earth subscription box is a wonderful opportunity to begin using essential oils more and making useful and fun items you can use in your home. If you have children, the box is a great way to spend some time with them making things together! We've been even practicing our math by doubling recipes or adding how many things total. Use my referral link and my code IDODECLAIREFREE and receive a $40 gift card towards a future box or something else on their site AND a free Bonus Box!! It contains all kinds of little extras to help you make the recipes.  

For next month it's going to be another amazing month right up my alley! The recipes include 2 candles and lip balm along with other fun recipes! I can't wait! 

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