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Travel and Adventure Books That Ignite Your Wanderlust

Travel and Adventure Books that Ignite your Wanderlust

Do you ever find yourself wanting to try things you never thought you would? Maybe it's a unique food or maybe something more adventurous! One thing I never thought I would do is ride a motorcycle. But some days, especially in the summer it sounds more fun! A motorcycle can take its rider to places all over this planet. Can we talk about how much easier it is to park and fuel too? Motorcycle riders are frequently moved to pen down on their trips, short or long. We can find out about their adventures in papers, magazines, or books.
It sometimes seems motorcycle riders desire to travel, but do it while more in tune with their surroundings. They want to go on a great adventure to find new places for themselves. But few get the chance to do it. Undoubtedly, parts just like Yamaha bike parts, gear, and equipment are things that every adventure rider should consider before coming on route. But if you aren't quite up for that type of adventure yet, or still considering, I'm sharing some fun books to help you live vicariously through some riders! 

Travel and Adventure Books that Ignite your Wanderlust
Best Motorcycle Travel and Adventure Books
Here’s my pick of some incredible scholarly adventures to inspire you to kick off your own journey.
1.   Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon
One of the most popular books about traveling on a motorcycle, Jupiter's Travels is Ted Simon's diary of his four-year voyage the world over on an old Triumph motorcycle. The story starts in 1973. In that time he visited 45 countries, covered 100,000km and went right the world over.
2.   Long Way Round by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman
Propelled by Ted Simon, Hollywood star/cruiser nut Ewan McGregor collaborated with fellow actor/motorcycle nut Charley Boorman to go on an epic motorcycle trip. They started from London to New York via Europe, Asia and North America.
3.   Riding with Rilke: Reflections on Motorcycles and Books by Ted Bishop
At the point when Ted Bishop broke his back in a motorbike mishap, he was compelled to remain in bed for several weeks. Not a man who enjoys remaining still, Bishop chose to fill this undesirable personal time by composing a book about his two extraordinary passions: books and bikes.
4.   One Man Caravan by Robert Edison Fulton
In 1937, Fulton expressed: "Listen to the Past: it leads to the Future. Consider the Future: it becomes the Present. Live the Present: to achieve a happy Past." Such a great quote, isn't it? Fulton carried on with his life as indicated by the mantra. In the wake of examining engineering in the US, he went to Europe to continue his further education in Vienna.
5.   The Motorcycle Diaries by Guevara and Alberto Granada
The wonderful trip of Ernesto 'Che" Guevara and Alberto Granada in South America is a book which is a standout amongst the most widely recognized when discussing travel. The motorcycle can't be isolated from the traveler and the trip is the place Guevara changed into Che. The Motorcycle Diaries is stirring story.
6.   Running with the Moon by Jonny Bealby
Running with the Moon is a tale of a rider who struggles hard after the loss of a loved one. The tale tells about his effort to defeat profound distress and discover a purpose in life. While traveling in Northern India, Belby was overpowered by the inauspicious demise of his fiancée, Melanie.
7.   The Rugged Road by Theresa Wallach
In December of 1934, Wallach and a friend left London, set out toward South Africa, riding a Panther M100 motorcycle with a Watsonian sidecar and trailer. Theirs may well have been the first motorcycle crossing of the Sahara Desert, taking the generally well-travelled Tamanrasset Route. Not surprisingly, the excessive warmth and heat made the engine to fail, and they wound up in Agades, waiting for over a month for spare parts to import from England.
Travel and Adventure Books that Ignite your Wanderlust
Travel and adventurous books really inspire and motivate others to take exciting trips on their own or with their favorite traveling companion to almost all parts of the world and try new things along the way! 

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