Thursday, July 25, 2019

July Purchases

July Purchases

1. Leopard skirt-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
2. Light blue blouse-c/o SheIn (exact, via Amazon, worn here)
3. White floral maxi dress-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
4. Grey striped dress-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
5. Black cami-c/o SheIn (exact, via Amazon, worn here)
6. Striped tie front top-c/o SheIn (exact, similar)
7. Navy & green color block cami-c/o Blooming Jelly (exact, similar, worn here)
8. Leopard tee-c/o Blooming Jelly (exact, similar, worn here)
9. Green embroidered tank-c/o Fashom (exact, similar, worn here
10. Mint green floral dress-c/o Fashom (similar, similar, worn here)
11. Green wrap dress- $3.50 c/o Fashom (similar, similar, worn here)
12. Shell print shorts-Lily Pulitzer via Poshmark $21.31 (similar, similar, worn here)
13. Hair clips-Amazon $6.99 (exact, similar, worn here)
14. Romper-c/o Lacozy via Amazon (exact, similar, worn here)
15. Black maxi dress-c/o Todolor via Amazon (exact, similar, worn here)
16. Beige twist front top-c/o Secutoryang (exact, similar, worn here)
TOTAL: $31.80

That is the total I spent with my monthly 'allowance'. In case you didn't know how we budget, my husband and I have a set amount of $150 a month to spend however we want. It could be clothes, beauty products, going out with friends, whatever. Anything we don't spend rolls over into the next month. We opened a separate savings account for it and move money around at the end of each month. Each of us tracks our spending so we know how much we have. It's a system we've been using for over 6 years and works for us. We share a checking account and credit cards so this system helps us not feel like we need to 'check' with the other one before buying and it makes sure one of us isn't spending more than the other. My blogging earns (very few) typically end up in my paypal account and I've been saving for a very long time. So I used them to make a splurge this month...

I got a designer bag! And I'm almost scared to use it! I actually wanted the Siena, but can't decide on the size so I got this one first because its light colors are more summery. I'll save up for the Siena next! So I didn't include this in my total. Partly because it came from different funds and partly because I didn't want to see that big of a total. Haha!

Other than the bag, my favorite item are my new shorts. They are so fun! I got quite a few fun tops too! I haven't shown the striped tie front top yet, but although I loved it, it's now in my daughter's closet. Why? If you buy it, don't throw it in the dryer! It shrinks, a lot. I can't be mad since I have way too many clothes anyway and my hubby's heart was in the right place and he was doing the laundry!

Next month is my birthday month. Sometimes I wait and don't buy anything until after my bday and sometimes I treat myself. There are so many cute things that keep catching my eye! 

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  1. What a wonderful treat with that bag Laura!! But don't you dare not use it!! Everyday is a party and should be celebrated!!!
    I've done my share of shrinking things and I should know better! LOL