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5 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Day

5 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Day

My hubby and I celebrated our 13th anniversary Sunday and I can't believe it! This time of year always has me thinking back to our wedding day. I didn't have much knowledge about weddings when I planned ours. We got married fresh out of college! Looking back I loved every minute, but I probably would go back and change a few things. If our daughters want to get married some day there are a few things I want to share with them. Hopefully they listen and let me help! If you are planning a wedding or know someone who is, I'm sharing some tips to help your wedding day be one of the days that you remember for the rest of your life, from pre-ceremony nerves to partying at the reception. To make a wedding day unforgettable for both you and your guests, personalization is key, and creating a unique wedding experience will help to celebrate you and your partner’s lives together.

Choosing and Decorating the Venue

Your venue is one of the most unique aspects of the day, especially if you are choosing an alternative location to the traditional church or registry office. For a unique experience, you should book your wedding at a venue that is close to your heart or is in line with your dream vision of the wedding. Adlington Hall and Gardens helps to give you a unique experience through its custom wedding packages, surrounded by stunning gardens and dazzling architecture that is sure to set your wedding photos apart from others. If you want to personalize this location even more, you should think about the best ways to decorate your venue to represent you and your partner’s tastes and lives together. One of my favorite parts of our wedding was getting married in a garden on a beautiful summer day and having our reception location in the same place! 
5 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Day

Add Personalized Touches

There are also many small ways to personalize your wedding day to ensure that you feel as special as possible. Personalized touches include arranging keepsakes such as letters and ornaments for your bridesmaid and page boys, creating custom coasters and tableware that are appropriate for your wedding, innovative guest books such as post-boxes, and investing in personalized cake toppers that represent you and your partner such as these couple bobbleheads. This will give both you and your guests an experience that truly values your individual life together and mementos which you can keep forever. There are so many amazing ideas on blogs and pinterest that didn't exist before! You can use all this inspiration to ensure your personalized touches keep with your theme, too. And speaking of theme...

Think of Your Theme

Another great way to personalize your wedding is by thinking of an unusual theme that caters to your shared interests and hobbies. For instance, if you are interested in literature, a book-themed wedding is a fun idea, and you can do this by changing your décor, having themed invitations, asking the guests to come in themed outfits to the reception, and adding themed touches to your wedding outfit, such as custom touches to your flower bouquet or footwear.
5 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Day

Include Your Guests

Give your guests something to remember your wedding day with by remembering to include them when it comes to making your wedding unique. You can do this through methods such as creating favors and care bags full of hangover cures or things that they might need for the wedding when they check in at their hotel. This is an especially nice idea if your guests are staying away from home for your wedding. You can also write a letter or note to your guests and include it in the care bag, on wedding program, or at their table setting.
5 Ways to Create a Unique Wedding Day

Set up Fun Entertainment

Fun entertainment is also a great way of making your wedding unique as this will make sure that all of your guests get involved in the action. Fun wedding games include yard games with prizes, allow song requests, or even set up a disco during which you can have dance offs!

I'd love to know, how did you make your wedding unique?

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