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Reinventing Your Garden In Time For Summer

Reinventing Your Garden In Time For Summer

I've mentioned several times on my blog how much I enjoy having my flower garden. It takes work, but each spring and summer when our flowers begin to bloom, I really appreciate the beauty! Unfortunately winter can be harsh on your garden, leaving a mini path of leaves, dead plants, and other debris in its wake. The unkempt look of it all can put you off from gardening. I mean where do you even start? But remembering how it looked last summer is good motivation to get it back to its former glory. 

So don’t let yourself fall out of love with your garden, especially when it’s quite simple to give your space a much-needed facelift. Here are some tips to getting your garden up to par in time to enjoy it all summer long.

Reinventing Your Garden In Time For Summer
Clean up the garden

The first thing to do after a long period of inactivity is to give everything a good clean. Sweep away and tidy up any debris like leaves, branches, and twigs. Pull out dead plants and weeds from the root — easiest to do just after rain when the ground is a bit soggy — and trim back overgrown plants and shrubs. Clean the edges near fences and around any gardens or other landscaping, and add some stone edging for a polished look.

Landscape and decorate

A plain garden is a boring garden, so add some vibrancy and interest with bright, colorful flowers and accompanying decor. Find out which flowers bloom during which times of the year so you can have endless blooms and endless pops of color. And make sure to use perennial plants that will grow in your 'zone.' By planting perennials you will save yourself time and money in the future because they grow back each year. I love low maintenance plants like sedum, hostas, day lilies, and cat mint. Add a trellis to hide an unsightly fence or AC unit and to give vine plants space to climb. Maybe string some patio lights across for added warmth. Water Garden also has a variety of other solar-powered patio lights to light your garden and make it more inviting. Also, consider utilizing vertical space along fences or bare walls and create a vertical garden by hanging and stacking planters. And for flower beds, make sure you add a barrier and mulch. It can really help keep the upkeep down since these help prevent weeds! 

Maybe your garden requires a bit more landscaping to properly reinvent itself, and a pond or fountain could be the missing ingredient. They’re tranquil and add a feeling of escape to your garden, plus make excellent backdrops to relax or meditate if you ever need to escape and clear your mind.

If a major overhaul isn’t in the budget, there are plenty of DIY ways to landscape your garden without breaking the bank. We have a long term plan for our garden and add a few things each year. This year was patio planters, a magnolia tree, and some other perennials. Next year we want to add hostas and day lilies coming up the walk way. The ideas are truly endless, inhibited by your own imagination.
Reinventing Your Garden In Time For Summer

Fix up the patio

Your garden should be welcoming and comfortable, especially if you plan on barbecuing and entertaining guests during the summer. Make sure your patio furniture is comfortable (consider adding pillows to stiff chairs or benches) and can be shaded if necessary by an umbrella or awning. 

While some of these tips are a bit more time-consuming, the overall look of your garden once you’ve put in the work will be well worth it. And you don't have to do it all at once! There’s no need to settle when it comes to your own space, especially during the summer months when everything is lively and blooming. Keep your garden groomed, updated, and decorated, and you’ll fall in love with it all over again in no time.
Reinventing Your Garden In Time For Summer

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