Monday, April 29, 2019

April Purchases

April purchases

1. Blush tennis shoes-c/o ABEO (exact, similar, worn here, herehere, and here)
2. Blush wedges-c/o ABEO (exact, worn here)
3. Snakeskin wedges-c/o ABEO (exact)
4. Black ruched dress-Amazon, gift (exact, similar, similar)
5. Distressed denim shorts-AE $41.80 (exact, similar)
6. Denim shorts-AE $33.89 (exact, similar)
7. Gingham shorts-Old Navy $26.55 (exact, 7 inch inseam, worn here)
8. Jeans-Old Navy $21.22 (exact, similar)
9. Pink striped jumpsuit-Amazon, $0 with giftcard (exact, shorts version)
10. Turquoise earrings-Amazon, $0 with giftcard (exact, similar)
11. Peplum top-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
12. Striped midi skirt-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
13. Snakeskin blouse-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
14. Floral & gingham shorts-c/o SheIn (exact, similar)

April purchases

16. Chambray dress-c/o Aventura (exact, similar, worn here)
17. Striped skirt-c/o Aventura (exact, similar, similar, worn here)
18. Purple scarf-c/o Aventura (exact, similar, worn here and here)
19. Skirt (navy version)-c/o Aventura (exact, similar, worn here)
20. White denim jacket-c/o Aventura (exact, similar)
21. Cardigan (dark purple version)-c/o Aventura (exact, similar, similar)
22. Short sleeved henley (navy version)-c/o Aventura (exact, similar)
23. Turquoise tunic-c/o Aventura (exact, similar)
24. Black tank-c/o Aventura (exact, similar)
25. Navy leggings-c/o Aventura (exact, similar)
26. White hoodie-c/o Aventura (exact, similar)
Total: $123.46

This year I am thrilled to be an ambassador for Aventura. As a part of that I am able to select some spring/summer outfits and then fall/winter ones to showcase their amazing items throughout the year. I've collaborated with Aventura a few times and love their items. Not only are they sustainable, they are soft, comfortable, and WASHABLE! As a mom of 2 very active kiddos, I love all they stand for. You've seen a few of my items for spring/summer here, here, and here. I included all the items for the spring/summer I received as part of the ambassadorship in this month's post.

I did a little extra shopping while in Arizona and updated my wallet, weekend duffel bag, and got a few other items for travel at the Vera Bradley outlet and Coach outlet. A friend of mine had a Colorstreet nail wrap party and I bought a few because I'd been wanting to try them out. I just totaled my accessories and clothing though, but in reality I spent about $175 more than that total so it was a big spending month for me! I sold about $30 worth of clothing on Poshmark so that offsets it a bit. I mentioned in last month's post that I was debating a pair of jeans and shorts from Old Navy. I ended up keeping both so I included them in this month. I'm so glad I kept the shorts! They are really cute and if you are looking to get some printed shorts (which I highly recommend) they are on sale now and available in most size still. I also got some distressed denim shorts and regular denim shorts from American Eagle. They are a little shorter than I am used to, but if I unroll them once they are fine so that is how I plan on wearing them! Overall I am really excited about the items I bought and received for spring and summer! I have some fun posts planned. For next month I am only hoping to get a few accessories and I should be good to go!
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