Wednesday, March 27, 2019

5 Everyday Items Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

5 Everyday Items Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

There are those glamorous things a girl cannot live without, or at least shouldn't have to! I'm talking a sequined cocktail dress, classic accessories, a swimsuit that makes you feel confident ,or a pair of amazing heels. But what about those everyday items you turn to time and time again? I'm sharing a list of the essential five items you must have in your closet that you can turn to again and again! 
As stated by Vogue, fashion trends this fall are about coming up with your own individual style. The goal is to pick a trend among many available while also feeling safe and comfy in what you wear. And that's exactly what this list will help you do.

1. A Power Bra
We all need a good foundation so we feel supported before even slipping on a blouse. Everything begins and ends with a good bra, for under garments can make or break your clothes. A power bra will make you feel confident and in control. That's the kind of bra that can be made either of sexy black lace or an elegant smooth cup — what matters is that it gives you solid support. A power bra was designed to create that wow factor that no dress can look good without. Wear it with every item on this list, and you'll look stunning for sure.
5 Everyday Items Every Woman Needs In Her Closet
2. Skinny Jeans
You can never go wrong with skinny jeans. They will flatter and accentuate your figure, and they'll help simplify your morning routine. You can combine them with almost anything, from tennis shoes, or boots to cashmere sweaters and plain T-shirts. They go well with everything and make you look sexy and beautiful, too. It may take you a while, but that perfect, comfortable and flattering pair of skinny jeans is worth the search! 
3. Leather Boots
There is nothing more fashionable than a pair of great looking boots. Wearing them with skinny jeans will keep your warm, comfy, and stylish all winter long. Even try them with skirts and dresses! Some footwear, such as these amazing western boots, will never go out of fashion. Add to them the next item on the list, and you have that perfect fall or winter look you need.
4.  A Wrap Dress
No piece of clothing is more elegant, versatile, and flattering than a wrap dress. It can be used as a cute dress for a night out or worn with a blazer or cardigan for work. You can even wear it with boots for a more casual look. Opt for black, and you have a little black dress. Choose a flower pattern to achieve a summery effect.
5 Everyday Items Every Woman Needs In Her Closet
5.  Hands-Free Bags
Hands-free bags are not only in vogue, but are also practical accessories that make life way easier and more carefree. They're all about enjoying life and letting you hug, take photos, or run after your energetic kiddo! All without having to worry about your handbag. They come in different shapes and styles, ranging from elegant ones made from leather to sharp and trendy metallic look. I switched to hands-free bags right before I had my second child and I never looked back. Better yet, try one that has a crossbody strap and handstraps to give you options! 

All of these items are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down. They are available in a wide range of colors and variations so you can easily create your own unique signature style while staying fashionable and trendy. But these items all have definite staying power in your closet, too! And if you want more ideas about accessorizing check out these photos from NYFW.

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  1. I agree with this list so much. I love skinny jeans and a classic, elegant and always sexy wrap dress. But yeah everyone needs a great bra, I would say in a nude color .