Friday, March 15, 2019

4 Things to Look Forward to This Spring

4 Things to Look Forward to This Spring
You might have started to notice that the evenings aren’t as dark as they were a couple of weeks ago. The combination of that, the sound of birds singing, the light behind the curtains that you notice during dinner…it means that spring is finally here! Winter and autumn are wonderful months – filled with color and the changing of the seasons, the excitement of the festive season and the anticipation of a brand new year that you can really make the most of. But after a time, the dark mornings, poor weather and freezing temperatures start to take their toll on our physical and mental health!

So, now that winter has finally passed, we’ve come up with 4 things for you to look forward to this spring!
Celeb season and great TV are back!
If you love following celebrities and love award season then spring is perfect! From the BAFTAs to the Brits, the Oscars and of course Met Gala in May, spring is a great time to celebrate amazing acting and musical talent and enjoy watching what our favorite celebrities get up to.  
During the holiday time we get to enjoy Christmas specials and movies. Most of our favorite shows are either in mid-season breaks or we’re waiting to hear of the next season release date. So when spring comes around we have so much to look forward to! You'd better be adding shows to your “watch” list and DVR!

Good bye germs!
Cold, flu, sickness and coughs – they seem to be a constant battle during the winter months. When you have small children who are not feeling well, it’s even more exhausting. It can be expensive too – especially if you have to take time off work to care for them or get them to the doctor and get prescription medication so they get better. Now that spring is here you can throw open your windows and get some fresh air in the house at last!
Enjoy some alfresco dining
Whether you’re used to sitting at your desk during lunch break or fighting with the little ones in their highchair at home, now that spring is here you can add a newer, fresher element to your lunch breaks! Take your lunch to the park and get a break from the office. Or maybe sit out in the garden on the garden furniture and enjoy a bit of sunshine with the little ones. You could even make it fun with the kids and make a teddy bears picnic. There’s also much less mess when you eat outside, so it’s a win-win!
A new wardrobe
Bye-bye winter coat! See you later scarves and gloves! Ta-ta salt and slush stained winter boots – you have served us all well. But now it’s time for cute spring dresses, light jeans, lightweight jackets and comfy sandals! Florals, pastel colors, animal prints, or even bright colors – there are so many amazing choices when it comes to spring fashion. Just make sure you keep an umbrella handy for those inevitable spring showers!

Whatever you look forward to and take part in this spring – enjoy it!

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  1. I am looking forward to dresses, skirts, sandals and lots of statement earrings. But also dinners on the patio and picnics!!