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Creating a Memorable & Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal

Creating a Memorable & Romantic Valentine's Day Proposal

Valentine's Day is often viewed as the most romantic day of the year and so many people receive expressions of love and proposals on this day. If you’re planning on giving your significant other something sweeter than chocolates and more precious than a bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day, then listen up because I am sharing some ways to make the most memorable and special proposals you both will enjoy sharing stories of for years to come.

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For starters, if you plan to add in an engagement ring to your February 14 celebration, make sure you get the right custom engagement rings for Valentine’s Day. Choose the ring that will not only make your sweetheart say yes but will also make them want to wear it proudly every day for the rest of your lives. Here are some other engagement ideas to help inspire you to make the moment truly memorable! 

1. Do the countdown.

Take inspiration from the song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and do your own Valentine’s Day countdown. Starting on the first day of February, spread the love by giving your special someone a gift. These gifts can be modest, handmade, or simple. Think creative and get things like personalized  shirts, hats, or even fun socks with heart prints. On the fourteenth day of February, prepare a romantic dinner for the two of you, during which you can give them their final Valentine’s Day gift - a gorgeous diamond engagement ring - and then, pop the question.

2. Roses are red, violets are blue...

Red roses signify love and romance, which is why it’s the most popular choice for Valentine's Day according to this website But other flowers speak volumes, too. Every type of flower has a meaning. So research what you want to say to your significant other in the language of flowers. You can create one bouquet including all of them or several smaller bouquets of each type of flower you choose. Be sure to include a sweet note explaining what each flower means and why you chose them. Then after presenting her with the flowers, get down on one knee and show her that sparkler!

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3. Write it all down.

Of course we all like to hear why people love us, but reading it is special, too. When something is written down you can look at it time and time again remembering the sweet words. So on sticky notes or little cards, write why you love your Valentine. Place these notes everywhere that is visible to your partner. Much better than rose petals, you can place these love notes on their desk, on the bed, in the kitchen table, or on the dashboard. At the end of the day, present them with your last and biggest note or card, which contains the important question, “Will You Marry Me?" You can save all these special mementos to look back at for years to come as you tell the story to your children and grandchildren. 

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4. Go sentimental 

Depending on your budget, you can also invest on a charm bracelet. Create or ask an expert jeweler to help you design a bracelet that contains charms representing some of your most memorable moments with your significant other or a charm that signifies the special things about your relationship. Even simple heart-shaped charms with inscriptions can already make for a tear-jerking Valentine’s gift. I even mentioned coordinate jewelry in my Valentine's Day gift guide post. You could get a piece of the location you got engaged and explain the significance leading up to the proposal. 

Now, up the ante by making an unexpected proposal. Present the last charm, a miniature locket that bears the message, “Marry Me.” Because most proposals involve a ring, your partner will not be expecting you to go down on one knee and propose with a bracelet charm. Once she gives you the sweetest Yes! you will ever hear, then present them with the real engagement ring. 

Whether it is expected or unexpected, many proposals happen during the most romantic day of the year. So make sure you work with the element of surprise for a successful and memorable Valentine's Day proposal. And, don’t forget the cameras or videos! You will definitely want to capture the moment they said yes and immortalize this in pictures.

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