Friday, January 18, 2019

Menswear 101: Is Semi-Formal the Best Outfit Pick for Men?

Let's turn the tables and talk menswear for a minute. My husband is definitely not as interested in fashion as I am but, he does keep trends in mind and likes to look his best when leaving the house. But one thing any fashionable man will tell you is that it is absolutely true that men have always had easier choices than ladies when it comes to choosing the right outfit for any occasion. Just take a look at what men wear for business casual. Button up shirt and slacks. 

The only thing that men need to focus on when picking an outfit is the level of formality. No one wants to look too formal if the occasion is more laid back. And no one wants to be underdressed either! So a great solution for many guys is semi-formal attire. Semi-formal attire can suite a wide variety of occasions with both the formal and casual details that come with it.

Go for a relaxed vibe 

Semi-formal attire for men indicates a smart, dapper style. It is the top pick worldwide for evening events and weddings. Semi-formal dress codes requires you to dress in a sophisticated manner yet at the same time not wear a customary formal outfit with black ties or full suits with leather briefcases for men.

While the formal dress code typically requires more traditional pieces and style with darker colors, semi-formal dress can have a much more relaxed vibe with a less traditional lighter color, mixing and matching blazers and pants, and more modern cuts of clothing. 
Pick the right tones

The darker tones like black, navy, and dark grey are more suited for serious and formal occasions. Lighter and brighter colors are reserved for more casual occasions. Keep in mind though, that a semi-formal outfit doesn’t mean you need to wear a full matching suit. You can easily go for a pair of pants and a blazer. A blazer and tailored pants will make a perfect choice to keep your look from becoming too formal. You can even switch it up a bit with a turtleneck sweater instead of a button up shirt or layering a v-neck sweater over your button up shirt under a blazer. There are some great options to stay within the semi-formal dress code, but still mix it up a bit. 
Attention to details

When considering the details like belt, shoes, and other accessories, continue to keep the style from being too formal. As for the belt, avoid the ones with shining details or patent leather and remember the general rule that "less is more" always applies to everyone who wants to be a sharp dressed man for any event.

So what men's dress shoes fit semi-formal dress best? You can never go wrong with universally appropriate oxfords, leather dress shoes, or loafers that match the tone of your outfit in general. 

Other than your belt and shoes, an appropriate watch will always bring a great stylish addition to your outfit. Just always pick the right color of it and never go for a distinctive one since you never want the actual accessories to be the most noticeable thing about what you wear. For most men's semi-formal outfits, accessories have the purpose of expressing your individuality with personal touches. You want make a tasteful picture about your style at the end of the event.

So if your guy is ever stumped about what to wear for an event, semi-formal is normally the way to go! Semi-formal attire will work for nearly any occasion especially when you want to be fully relaxed without a full matching suit and tie. It can convey a good impression and show you are an approachable, laid back person.

When in doubt...
Semi-formal attire is the top pick for men who are getting ready for anything from office parties, dates, to casual weddings. It proves to be the perfect combination from all the serious parts of the traditional formal attire and the excitement of new details that create the slightly more relaxed vibe that you are trying to achieve without ever being too stuffy. 
Have fun with your guy experimenting with some of his clothes to create a unique and fresh semi-formal outfit that will suit him and his personality perfectly!

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