Monday, December 3, 2018

The Healthiest Beverages for You If You Just Aren't a Water Drinker

The Healthiest Beverages for You If You Just Aren't a Water Drinker

Although we are constantly told we should be drinking lots of water, not everyone finds it very palatable. Some people do an amazing hob and can drink a couple of bottles a day. But  the simple fact is that some people just do not like water and would rather have other, flavored drinks instead. I oscillate between loving water in the summer and easily getting my 64+ ounces a day in and not being very motivated to drink it in the winter. When my water bottle is cold, it makes me cold which is not what I want when there is snow on the ground! So what other options are there? What other drinks will give you similar health benefits to water?

Pomegranate Juice

It has been known for a very long time how beneficial pomegranates can be to our health, but they can be a bit messy to eat. You can enjoy the benefits of the high level of antioxidants by drinking the juice. Research has shown that it can help to prevent heart disease, inflammation, and some cancers. Be aware and read your labels when purchasing pomegranate juice though. Some brands have extra sugars added to them. As it is quite a sweet drink on its own, you don't really need that extra sweetness and you really do not need to take in more sugars in this way which can negate some of the benefits of the drink. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger teas are a great natural remedy if you have an upset stomach. It will help to relieve pregnancy-related nausea, travel sickness and ease your digestive system.

Some fresh ginger steeped in boiling water for a short while will give you a lovely ginger tea, but if it is a bit too spicy add a teaspoon of honey which is known to have health benefits on its own. 

Coconut Water

Although called a coconut, this is technically a fruit that has several nutrients good for your health.
Coconut water, found inside the fruit, has antioxidant properties, which can stop free radicals from harming your body.
Research has shown that it can help to lower blood sugar levels so is a perfect drink for diabetics, and it can help to prevent kidney stones.

Coconut water can also reduce the risk of heart problems, reduce your blood pressure and rehydrate you after exercise. It is a delicious, nutritious natural beverage that is so good it makes you wonder why we do not all drink it every day. As with all drinks you buy, just make sure you avoid any that say they have added sugar.

Lemon Juice
Pucker up! Lemon juice can actually help your body in several ways. It can boost your immune system by providing your body with vitamin C, help to clean your liver, and stimulate the production of bile to assist your digestive system. Very few people would be able to squeeze a lemon and drink the juice on its own though. This is one way of taking water if you are not too keen on it plain. Add some freshly squeezed lemon juice to it and get the health benefits of both. That way you are staying hydrated, but with added vitamins and flavor!

Green Tea

If you start to feel sluggish part way through the day, get a caffeine boost with a cup of green
tea. It is not so strong that it will put you on a high but is a more measured release that will keep you alert for quite a while. Green tea is also said to support your digestive system with fat loss, improve brain function, and lower your risk of cancer. Not to mention the amount of antioxidants it contains! 

If you aren't a huge water drinker, try incorporating some of these drinks into your daily routine. They all support your health in some way, so drink a variety of them. And still try to increase that water intake! 

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