Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Holiday Home Tour

I love my house best when it is decorated for Christmas. I seriously love decorating for the holidays and our decor seems to expand each year. This year our addition was a garland for the banister. We previously had a ranch home and I've always wanted a two story entryway so I could decorate the banister for Christmas! This year I am teaming up with other bloggers to give you a holiday home tour so I'm sharing the banister and more. Come on in!

We aren't big Christmas lights people. They are beautiful, but we don't have the time. We have landscape lighting and so instead of lights, we changed the landscape lighting bulbs to red and green and added candles in all the windows. It's festive, but was quick to do! For next year I'd like to add a lighted garland around the door. We had one and lighted topiaries, but we can't find them and think the movers accidentally left them in our attic. 

This is what our front door looks like in daylight. Eventually I would like a tall wooden Welcome sign and maybe even an old fashioned sled! 

One of the many things I love about my husband is how supportive he is of Christmas decor. He knew how excited I was about decorating and helped me start putting a few things up like the banister garland before Thanksgiving. 

Our snowman family is right by the entryway to greet everyone. Claire says we each have our own snowman. She says she used to be the smallest, but since she has been growing and Avie was born she says she is the second smallest one now! 

We used to have french doors from our dining room into our living room with these wreaths, but now they are so festive on the office french doors! 

I added a few decorations to the bookshelves in the office including our Christmas baby frame! We need a little ode to our Christmas baby Claire somewhere in the house!

Our dining room buffet is nice and long so we always place our nativity on it since we have quite a few pieces. 

In the butler's pantry we have our cereal box forest. I made these trees out of cereal boxes and decorated them with scraps I had around the house. Great winter craft for kids! 

This mantle is so different from our old one so it took me some time to figure out! Our last living room had a HUGE three sided mantle. I pared down the decorations this year, but added the two gold glass trees I saw at Walmart. They are so fun! 

I was thrilled when this garland went perfectly on the doorway into the sunroom. I made it years ago when I was pregnant with Claire. It looks like it was made to go there!

When we sit together after the kids are in bed each night this is our view. It's the best!

If you haven't noticed yet, our decor is primarily red and gold. Every year I have to re-do that ribbon about 5 times before I get it right! 

My mother-in-law made this fun swag for me a while ago. I don't want to hand it outside and let the weather get to it so we hang it over this mirror each year. 

We don't decorate the kitchen much, but I did get some small wreaths for the small upper cabinets this year. I had it in mind, but when I saw Andrea's cabinets I really started searching! I visited quite a few Target stores, but never found the ones she has. I did find these at Michaels and got 40% off by ordering online. They work well!

The only other kitchen decor I have are a few items and some holly I just got at Aldis! I am hoping we might be able to plant it in the spring. Fingers crossed I can keep it alive until then. It would be nice to have a holly bush and be able to get fresh cuttings to decorate with every year!

Thanks for walking through our house with me! I have a few Christmas cookies baked so if you stop by I'll be ready! Now that presents are purchased, I just have a lot of wrapping ahead of me. Make sure to check out the other bloggers' home tours, too! 

Amber's Home
Avec Amber "We have a small space, but we like to dedicate one corner of our living room to a Christmas tree and festive decor! My husband picked the theme, it is so much fun to set up, and it really makes our home feel like the holidays have arrived."

Ada's Home
Elegance and Mommyhood: "I love decorating for Christmas but I have been so busy this year, even the decor I did was done in the course of three days. The last 3 years I have been putting up 2 trees downstairs (living room and dining room) as well as a tiny tree for Vivian in her room. This year we stuck to our evergreen 7 feet faux tree and I did it all in red and white with rustic touches like the burlap "Happy Holidays" ribbon and all the burlap and felt ornaments. I added lots of sprigs, picks and decorative branches to the tree this year and I love the 3D effect they created. There are a variety of ornaments but many red+white poinsettia flowers throughout. I love how it looks!"

Roxanne's Home
Glass of Glam: "I decorate for Hanukkah with blue and white decorations and love to display my menorahs!"

Chrissy's Home
Granola and Grace: "If you told me last Christmas that the next Christmas our family would be living near the Gulf of Mexico, I’d have laughed and said, “you’re crazy.”  Well, as of July we are now residents of Florida and I am excited to decorate our new home. However, this will not be the home tour I originally planned for.  Come on over to see our typical Family Adventures!"

Linda's Home 
A Labour of Life"I am a Christmas Crazy Lady.  Decorating happens all through the house leaving not a room untouched. It is not a quick process but it is a fun one.  I usually start on November 12th.  Mt Pink living room tree is always first.  This year we have four tress throughout the house.  Two theme tress and two fun traditional trees.  Come take a look and see how we do Christmas in Canada."


  1. Wow Laura that is some decor. There are touches of Christmas everywhere. I love it. It looks fabulous. From the outside in is quite festive and inviting. Your home is certainly big and beautiful too. Love all the wreaths and garlands inside. I want to add some small green wreaths to my kitchen cabinets next year and a prelit garland to the stairs. Thank you for sharing your beautiful new home. I plan on visiting Chicago in 2019. I might come over. 😙🤗😀

  2. Your home looks beautiful Laura! I’m the same with outdoor lights - we aren’t big on them because it’s all so time consuming! But the inside is a different story. Your tree is gorgeous as well!