Monday, November 5, 2018

TBB Asks: Giving Thanks

I'm linking up with TBB today for TBB Asks: Giving Thanks Edition! 

1. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? No
2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Yes It's the first time I've hosted for a somewhat large gathering and I am so nervous! Thankfully I know the turkey will be perfect. Matt always smokes the turkey and it is absolutely delicious!

3. Favorite Food from the Thanksgiving meal? Probably the mashed potatoes. Or pumpkin pie!
4. What one thing in nature are you most grateful for? Changing leaves. They are mostly gone now, but for the past month our neighborhood has been absolutely beautiful!
5. Pumpkin pie? YES!! Especially for breakfast the next day. And always with homemade whipped cream.
6. Traditional cookbook? Yes and no. I find recipes in my cookbooks and use them, but I also get great recipes from blogs and pinterest!
7. Oven baked or deep-fried turkey? Neither. Smoked turkey is the way to go! My hubby brines it and then smokes it. We barely have leftovers. The turkey used to be practically a side dish for me and I'd take a small piece or two. Now I like to leave more room on my plate for it since he started smoking it! 
8. Thanksgiving leftovers? YES! I love turkey and cranberry sandwiches!
9. What is one household product you are most grateful for? Hmmm. I really have no idea! There are so many things that help make life easier and more convenient around the house!
10. Are you most grateful for home cooked meals or restaurant meals? Personally I am more grateful for home cooked meals. As my daughter says when she eats something she particularly likes, "I can taste the love!" I appreciate the time, effort, and love that goes into making a home cooked meal. And I hope my family appreciates it, too! It's one way I like to show my love for them. 

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