Monday, August 6, 2018

TBB ASKS-August Party Edition

I've been meaning to do one of the TBB Asks posts for a while, but haven't had the chance yet. When I saw that August was a party edition it gave me the push to get er done because August is my birthday month! How appropriate!
1. Favorite birthday party as a child- The best one I remember is from when I was living in El Paso, Texas. I believe it was my 6th birthday party, but I might be wrong. At the time my dad was in the Army and we were waiting to get housing on base so we were living in nearby apartments that had a community pool. I had a pool party and we made a parrot piƱata for the party. Papier mache -the whole nine yards. It was a fun project and a great time! Another cute one was when we lived in New Jersey and my mom did a Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy themed party and made the cakes herself. I don't remember it, but it looks like I had lots of fun from the pictures!

2. Do you like to entertain? It depends. I do like to entertain when I have time to do it well. It's fun to plan a menu and have people over. I prefer it to just be another couple or a family though. 

3. What kind of parties are your favorite? I kind of prefer kids' birthday parties. The kids can play together and the adults can sit back and talk. There are no games I need to take part in and the kids tire themselves out with all the playing so they sleep really well that night!

4. Big parties or small parties? I like both, it depends on the occasion.

5. Favorite thing to do at parties? I like to catch up with people and have a chance to talk. And eat, of course! 

6. Party food favorites? I am not picky! I like it all. Appetizers and dips and desserts are probably my favorite though. 

7. Favorite flavor of birthday cake? I really like marble cake with chocolate frosting. I typically end up making an almond torte for my husband and me on our birthday because he loves it so much and I don't exactly hate it! Haha!

8. Balloons? No thank you. They end up getting in the way and slowly deflating until your daughter finally lets you pop them and throw them away...

9. Best party song? I honestly don't have a favorite. 

10. Do you like to dance? Not really. I feel really self-conscience when I dance and I know I don't have any good dance moves!

Hope you are all having a great start to your week! 

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  1. This is so cute! I hated birthday parties as a kid I was one of those that no one showed up but 1 person. And I have a problem with birthday parties for my oldest. Got yes rsvps and half the people didnt show. A lot of food and money wasted. So now we skip the kid bday amd take him to legoland instead. I do love throwing parties I go all Martha Stewart,