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Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations

Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations

Europe has been known for its culture, cuisine and history, but it is also a continent known for its adventure. Thrill seekers from across the globe flock to this fabled land for a piece of action that is totally unique. From the icy heights of the Alps, to the depths of the Arctic Ocean, adventure lovers have endless options to choose from!

Out of all the wonderful places, here are the best five locations with the highest level of adventure quotient. It doesn't matter if you are a thrill seeking bride-to-be, picking out bachelorette locations or a once in a lifetime honeymoon destination, or a solo traveller in search of an adrenaline rush, these places have something for all you adventure lovers out there. So strap on tight and let the adventure begin!

Bobsledding in Prague, Czech Republic
Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations
You’ve always seen this done at the winter olympics and now it’s your turn to experience breakneck speeds. This gravity powered sport has been fascinating people across the world. With no engines involved, you will be steering the bobsleigh through the track with some good old elbow grease.

With the highest clocked speed on a bobsled being 125 miles per hour, this sport can get pretty darn fast. If speed is what gets your adrenaline pumping then bobsledding should be right up there on your list.

Glacier Hiking and Volcano Tour in Reykjavik, Iceland
Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations

If you don't mind frigid temperatures then Reykjavik is the place for you. The Icelandic capital has been drawing hordes of adventure travelers in the recent past. Here you can climb to the top of a glacier and see firsthand the rugged beauty of this frozen paradise.

Hikers can choose to climb Sólheimajökull, the closest glacier from Reykjavik. Yes, its name might take a few tries to pronounce, but the adventure on offer here will be totally out of this world.  

Travelers can also get close to an active volcano in Iceland. This is the fire part of the moniker “The Land of Fire and Ice”, given to the country. About 120 km from Reykjavik is the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. It is known for its eruption in 2010 that led to air traffic disruption across Europe. It is safe for travel now though and offers a close look at nature’s destructive force.

Canyoning in Marbella, Spain
Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations

Explore the picturesque gorges and canyons in the Andalucian mountains. Rappel, swim and climb across the canyons for a totally unique experience. Nature lovers will find this activity especially great.

Make your way down a river gorge or jump into clear natural pools after sliding down a rock slope. Canyoning does not require you to be an expert, since all tours include a professional guide you will be given hands on training while you enjoy the sight and sounds inside the canyon.

Coasteering in Newquay, EnglandLooking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European DestinationsThe Cornish coast is home to this totally wild outdoor activity. The rugged coastline at Newquay offers some of the best adventure in south England. Coasteering has now gained popularity as an offbeat adventure sport with the maximum thrill. Newquay offers many routes including low tide walks for the family, to the exhilarating cliff jumps for boys as one of their destination bachelor party activities.

You can find professional operators in the area who will readily provide wetsuits, helmets and other safety gear for your coastal adventure.

Caving in Budapest, Hungary
Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations

While in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, do not miss the chance to explore the caves underneath. Budapest is known for its thermal springs, this flowing hot water has carved an extensive labyrinth of caves under the city.

The caves offer a unique opportunity for adventure enthusiasts to explore how nature has worked its way through the limestone rocks. The Palvolgyi-Matyas Hegy cave system in Budapest offers up to 19 km of caves where you can check out some awesome rock formations.

 Looking for Adventure? 5 Must-Visit European Destinations

Traveling for adventure is one of the best ways to meet new people, explore new places, and make valuable memories. So get your bags packed and say hello to a new adventure right now! Which adventure catches your interest most? I think I'd love to go glacier hiking and caving!

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