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What Type of Home Suits Your Lifestyle Best?

What Type of Home Suits Your Lifestyle Best?

When looking for a new home, it’s essential that any investment you make is a lasting and satisfying one. Purchasing a home is a big investment and you want to be sure you are making the right choice for your lifestyle and needs. There are many options to consider before reaching a final decision. So how do you choose which will be best for you?
Different types of homes range from freestanding houses to loft apartments; you judge what best suits your needs!

Family Home
These are also termed as ‘detached’ homes and often hold one family only. They aren’t connected to any other buildings and have their own address. Such a house is ideal for you if you wish to live in privacy with your family and have a yard and garden of your own. When my husband and I were house hunting recently we talked about what features we wanted in our home. It was an easy choice for us to choose a single family home again. This type of home offers exactly what we wanted and play space for our daughters. But who knows? Maybe later on in life we may want something different!

Condominiums and Apartments
Condominiums and apartments are found in groups of many in the same building which means that the building will be hosting multiple addresses. Every metropolitan city has these tall buildings to accommodate the high density of population.
Before buying a condominium, you should know the difference between a condominium and an apartment. Therefore, here’s some useful information: apartment buildings are owned by a single corporation and individual apartments can then be rented out. On the other hand, condominiums have units that can be actually owned by individuals and are managed by a corporation.
You can find different variations during the apartment search. Some are rather luxurious while some are quite simple, with the bare necessities. You can find beautiful examples of the luxurious ones at We lived in a couple of different apartments before buying our first home. They have a lot of positives like there was no need to carve out time for money for maintenance, on average they cost less than a single family home, and there may even be community areas to utilize like a common room or even a pool. When we were first married, an apartment was perfect for us as we tried to save up for a single family house.

Duplexes are semi-detached homes that are separated into two portions. Each portion has its own entrance and address. The portions are often a mirror image of each other. Such settlements are more affordable than family homes. If you wish to share a living space with someone but still keep your private lives separate for the most part, this type of settlement is ideal for you.

You may have seen individual houses, placed side-by-side, and sharing a wall or two in some neighborhoods. These are called townhomes, and sometimes, they have their own parking garages. This may not be the ideal option for older people, as they have multiple flights of stairs, but townhouses are suitable for you if you’re part of a young family.
Plenty of condominiums also incorporate a few townhomes, which allows the dwellers to take advantage of the building’s facilities such as a gym or a pool. This gives townhomes an advantage over family homes, where you’d have to go elsewhere to access such amenities.
Townhomes have started to become a popular option in larger cities especially with the rising prices of family homes. Due to this rising demand, their prices have started to rise too.

Laneway Homes
Laneway homes are similar to family homes. They are smaller in size and they open into a lane or alley. This type of home is new and has started to become more popular in denser cities where land is at a premium. However, these homes cannot be sold individually. They do provide you with a solid opportunity for earning rental income.  

Micro-lofts, or micro-condos, were introduced in Vancouver in 2009. They are small condominiums or apartments of around 300 square feet in size. This is the equivalent of around two parking stalls. It’s an ideal place for you if you’re looking for an affordable living space in a densely populated city.
Their size means the facilities inside have to be as compact as possible. This means pull-down wall beds and foldable tables and chairs.

So, consider your living requirements in the long term and make the right investment based on them and on your budget. Taking your time think about all aspects of your future home and how you will live your daily life in it will help you to make the right decision is important in this case, so don’t rush!

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