Friday, July 13, 2018

Rock The Polished Look!

Rock The Polished Look!

You know those people who have the ability to walk into a room and totally captivate everyone in it? They exude confidence and somehow manage to look stylish and polished every day. Even if it’s pouring rain and there is practically a tornado outside, they always manage to look like they have just stepped out off a catwalk. Does this come naturally, or do they have to work at it?  If you are not blessed with the “I look perfect” everyday gene, like most of us mere mortals (especially me), a little planning is all you need.


Develop your own style
People with the “wow!” factor don’t look like a clone of everyone else, they work at developing their own individual style. Developing a style comes naturally over time, but if you are looking to adopt a style faster, opt for a classic look rather than high fashion. Look at people you admire for their style either in the media or daily life and try to adopt some of their style into your own wardrobe.

Classic statement pieces work well. Pay a little bit more for quality garments that are a classic look and you will get much more wear out of them compared to cheaper fashion items. Classic items can stand the test of the time and tend to be more versatile. They can also be dressed up with a colorful scarf or piece of statement jewelry according to the styles and colors of the season. Elichai Jewelry pieces are handcrafted by jewelry masters according to their clients vision. You will be safe in the knowledge that no one else will own the same piece of jewelry.

Use accessories to help pull your outfit together. Accessories can add a sense of style to the most ordinary of outfits. If hats are your thing, wear them proudly and make a statement. Handbags scarves and fashionable sunglasses help add interest to your look. It's all in the details!

Plan ahead
Get into the habit of planning the night before what you’re going to wear the following day. Plan your outfit right down to the accessories and ensure everything is clean, ironed and polished. Mismatched accessories look messy, so take care to match everything. Choose material that is not easily wrinkled too.

If you have an important event on the horizon, start to plan and shop for your outfit early. The perfect dress you saw in your local boutique last week, may not be there the following week! Avoid panic buying and consider the whole outfit, even your undergarments. An ill fitting bra can make an outfit look awful and supportive undergarments can create a seamless look. 


Stylish people always seem to be prepared. They reach into their beautiful handbag and offer tissues to crying children and always have a needle and thread stashed away for emergency outfit repairs.

Get into the habit of having a handbag selectively filled with useful items. A pair of sunglasses for the appearance of sunshine on a previously rainy day, a compact umbrella for the vice versa situation and mints to freshen up breath after lunch at the local Italian! Plan for every eventuality and you won’t go wrong. Just make sure it's all streamlined so your handbag doesn't get too overstuffed. 

Freshen up daily
It sounds obvious, but sometimes you don’t have time in the morning to wash and style your hair. Make sure you are at least using dry shampoo. Rocking greasy hair tied back in a scrunchy just won’t do! Get up earlier or find a good dry shampoo and try out a few easy up dos that you can have in your arsenal to help yourself out on those dirty hair days. 

Polished and groomed people always look and smell fresh and clean. Another aspect to smelling lovely is discovering a perfume that you can adopt as your “signature” scent. Go for a perfume that you love and people always compliment you on rather than what's being fashionably endorsed by a celebrity. Perfume smells differently on different people, so find one which works for you and make sure it isn't too strong. Subtle is always classy. 

Ensure your makeup is expertly applied at all times. Keep it subtle and opt for the natural look if you are going for that polished look. Avoid the over-made-up look with the exception of a statement lipstick in a bright color can look fantastic. Focus on the eyes or the lips - not both!

Beautifully manicured nails and manicured hands, really complete the “polished” look. Often nails are overlooked, but it's those details that can really make your look more polished. That said, if you haven’t got time to head to the salon no polish is better that chipped. Don’t forget your feet, especially in the summer. As soon as open toed shoes and sandals are a wardrobe “must” get a pedicure fast! I love to give myself a weekly pedicure in the summer and when I have time, a manicure once or twice a week. Even in gym clothes it makes me feel more put together. 


It is important to schedule regular maintenance sessions into your life. Develop the habit of regular hair appointments and trips to the salon for skin treatments, manicures, pedicures and hair removal. Taking care of yourself makes you feel good and if you feel happy this will show on the outside. So many times these fall by the wayside as life gets busier. I'm so guilty of this, but it can make a difference to your emotional well-being and confidence when you make sure your self-care is on point.

If you struggling in the style stakes it may be worth asking for the assistance of a personal shopper. You will probably discover items of clothing that you wouldn’t have previously picked up off the shelf.

Ultimately, remember that beauty comes from within and no amount of grooming will make a person look beautiful and confident if they don't feel inside. Achieving a perfect polished look every day isn’t always easy. But first, be happy, try your best, and soon you will be that enviable person in the room who everyone wonders what your secret is!

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  1. What a fun post! Many people say that I always look put together, but I never truly feel polished! You know like how movie stars never look frumpy. I often feel no matter how hard I try I’m still not quite there 100%. But that’s OK, I guess That’s real like! Hope your weekend is as sweet as you are!