Friday, June 1, 2018

Dress Like a Royal | How to Get That Polished Princess Look

Dress Like a Royal | How to Get That Polished Princess Look

With the recent royal wedding, the world’s attention is on royal families and of course, their clothing. That doesn’t have to mean all glitter and pink and tulle like it may have when we were playing dress up as a child! The elegant, timeless, and sleek style of our most famous princesses such as Diana, Kate Middleton, and Grace Kelly has a lot of us taking note and we all want to know how to achieve their sophisticated style. It’s easier than you think to achieve their polished style when you know where to look.

 Here is a handful of ways to can get that refined look on a budget when you want to feel like royalty.

Stick to one color

Disney princesses and real-life princesses have one thing in common; they wear timeless pieces of clothes that are above everything that may go in and out of fashion. Treat yourself to the same classic look by keeping the patterns to a minimum and only allowing something subtly unusual if you do choose a type of pattern.

Think about Kate Middleton’s blue patterned dress, for example, that looked like it had tiny polka-dots on from afar but revealed hundreds of tiny birds instead when viewed up close. It also kept to only two colors while keeping the color palette classic.

Pastel hues will give an extra impression of elegance but if that isn’t your style, try a jewel tone that is a bit more striking such as emerald green or, of course, royal blue.

Rethink how you use accessories

When you think about how a royal might dress, it’s clear that subtle and timeless fashion is the way to go. Yet, you’re allowed to have a bit of fun with the accessories and even try to wear it in unusual ways like Diana was so famous for. Go for a backless dress and wear your necklace backward, like Princess Diana to draw attention to your back or get a princess ring so that you can wear a subtle crown on your finger instead. Another classic example is to just wear your necklace as a headpiece and add an Egyptian flair to your look.

Wear yesterday’s fashion

If you’ve paid any attention to what Kate Middleton likes to wear, you know that she often shows up in dresses that are inspired by the 40’s. While you don’t have to go for the 40’s look exclusively, you can use the same mindset and look at the fashion of previous decades for inspiration. You rarely see Kate Middleton trying new trends.

Edwardian fashion is another great place to be inspired by and it will make you look authentically royal without necessarily blowing your budget. Add lace or rich textures to your look to feel more like royalty. Or what about a high-collar look from the Elizabethan fashion?

You have a lot to choose from and it is so much fun to branch out and be inspired by new things. Remember whatever you wear, do it confidently and you will always exude royal vibes!  


  1. What a sweet idea for a post with al the Royal Princess buzz, every girl loves feeling like a Princess!! Have a wonderful weekend beautiful!

  2. I love vintage fashion! These are great ideas for taking on classic royal style.

  3. I'm sure you will have lots of Princess dress up days with your 2 beautiful daughters! Who doesn't want to look like a princess! How fun!

  4. These are such great ideas, Laura!! So many times, it's helpful to think about our items and accessories in different ways!!

  5. Love the idea of wearing a more timeless fashion! Xx

  6. These are good tips - everyone wants to feel a little bit like a princess! And you know I'm all about rewearing things so I love the tip for reworking accessories.

    Hope that you have a lovely weekend ahead of you! I have a friend's birthday party tonight I'm looking forward to :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I don't follow the royals really, but I always love the way that Kate Middleton looks when I see her in magazines, so classic and put together. These are great tips; who doesn't want to look like a princess?

  8. I love Kate's clean and effortless style. It really showcases her inner beauty.


  9. I love vintage clothing it so timeless. Have a great weekend.

  10. The idea of wearing something vintage is the most appealing to me ! I have to admit my focus was on what everyone wore.