Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Budget

1. Striped cardigan-c/o Zaful (exactsave, splurge, worn here)
2. Black pom pom hat-c/o Zaful (exact, save, splurge, worn here)
3. Pinstriped dress-c/o Zaful (save, splurge)
4. Yellow earrings-c/o Zaful (exact, save, splurge)
5. Valentine tee- $3.16 Walmart & DIYed (save, splurge, worn here)
6. Velvet $15.98 (savesplurge, worn here)
7. Belt-ebay $17.99 (exactsplurge, worn here)
8. Olive pants-LOFT c/o Wikibuy (exact, similarworn here)
9. Blue ruffled dress-c/o PinkBlush (exact, save, splurge, worn here)
10. Pink bell sleeve dress-c/o PinkBlush (exact, save, splurge, worn here)
11. Pink colorblocked dress-c/o eshakti (similar, worn here)
12. Lace top-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, worn here)
13. Teddy bear coat-c/o SheIn (exact, save, similar, worn here)
14. Navy floral blouse-c/o SheIn (save, splurge)
15. Black blouse-c/o SheIn (exactsave, similar)
16. Grey bell sleeved top-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, splurge, worn here)
17. Pink sweater-c/o SheIn (exact, similar, similar)
18. Distressed jeans-Old Navy $27.14 (exact, worn here)
19. Lemon print sweater-Old Navy $16.29 (exact)
20. Black long sleeved tee-Old Navy $13.57 (exact, similar)
Total: $94.13

I was fortunate to get some really fun c/o items this month. Occasionally when I get c/o items they aren't exactly what I pictured or the sizing is off, but this month I really liked most of what I got except for the pink sweater. I will share it tomorrow, but I think it will be going in the donation pile. It's just too bulky on me and with the thick knit, I don't find it flattering. Everything else I am really pleased with though. I finally found a pair of olive green pants that are such a great fit and the perfect shade of olive green. I got some distressed jeans from Old Navy that I had been eyeing as well. I have a very distressed pair and wanted something not quite as extreme. Initially I bought them last month, but after trying them on in my usual size I could tell they were going to stretch out a lot throughout the day so I returned them and got a size down. There is nothing worse than having to yank up your pants constantly halfway through the day after you decided not to wear a belt in the morning. They are perfect now though and I am glad I tried again!

We are headed to Arizona for spring vacation at the end of March so for next month I am grudgingly keeping my eye out for a new one piece swimsuit. I've also been debating the Bank NYC jacket for months now, but can't seem to pull the trigger since it is a pricier item.
What is on your wish list for spring?


  1. Oh I like that pink knit, what a shame it's not perfect on you. But I agree, better to let it go if you're not loving it!

    I really like that lemon print top, looking forward to seeing how you wear that! :)

    Hope you are having a nice start to the week so far and you had a lovely weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. You always have the best pieces and make great choices about how you spend your money, I really admire that in you Laura! Of course you are just pretty as a picture so everything looks amazing on you my friend!

  3. You did get some fun items. Love the lemon Old Navy sweater and those pink dresses, so you and soooo CUTE!!!

  4. Love all these pieces. I broke down and bought the belt!

  5. Sorry to hear you didn't like the pink sweater! I have it and love mine but understand we all have different bodies and preferences.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. That lemon sweater is so cute. Only thing on my Wishlist is a new swim suit and maybe some shorts. Since mine currently don't fit me.

  7. Another successful month in the books. Getting C/O items is so awesome...I need to get in on that action😉 Bathing suits are just down right depressing! UGH. Good luck!!!

  8. Just love that color blocked dress and the teddy bear jacket! So many great items, Laura! :)


  9. Oh yes, I hate jeans that lose their shape after a few hours of wear - I've fallen victim to those far too many times! Of course you usually don't realize until its too late, so good on you for exchanging them!

  10. You got some really fun things this month! I love the bell sleeved sweater, and the pink one looks like it would be so cozy. Bummer that it didn't work out! That bell sleeved dress is so cute too!

  11. I already saw fabulous swimsuits online! I am sure you find a perfect one.

  12. While I usually don't have wish lists.. I have now, because of you, one item on my wish list: the GG dupe!

  13. I have been looking for a few new things to add for March and I love the dresses you have! The yellow earrings are so pretty!