Monday, July 31, 2017

July Budget

july monthly clothing budget

1. Jeans-c/o Pink Blush
2. Floral dress-c/o Pink Blush (worn here)
3. Floral baseball tee-c/o Pink Blush
4. Beaded collar necklace-Primark $1.25 (save, splurge)
5. Coral tassel earrings-Primark $4.75 (save, splurge, worn here)
6. Yellow tunic-Dunnes $31.98 (save, splurge)
7. Blush floral blouse- Dunnes $19.18 (save, splurge)
8. Ireland sweatshirt- $23 (not pictured)
9. Pink leather earrings-c/o Lavish Leathers (worn here)
10. Striped leather earrings-c/o Lavish Leathers (worn here)
11. Grey heathered sweatshirt-Costco $15.83 (save, splurge)
12. Herringbone sweatshirt-Costco $15.83 (savesplurge)
13. Green floral dress-c/o SheIn (save, splurge)
14. Blue embroidered babydoll top-c/o SheIn (save, splurge, worn here)
15. White and black embroidered top-c/o SheIn (savesave, splurge, worn here)
Total: $111.82

I've been lucky to visit Ireland several times over the years and something I always love to do while there is shop! There are a few stores I love that are not available in the states. I was hoping they would have some maternity clothes so I could pick up some souvenirs! Except I couldn't find maternity clothes anywhere during the 1 day I could go shopping. Bummer. I did find a few fun jewelry pieces and at the last store I got a gorgeous pink blouse in a couple sizes up and a tunic that fits perfectly over my bump! I also picked up a few lounge wear pieces this month from Costco. These soft jackets were only $15 and after 2 weeks I could not decide between the colors so I ended up getting both at the insistence of my husband. Although I think he just didn't want to stand there while I debated. Haha!

I don't have anything I am looking for next month except maybe a burgundy cardigan. The one I wanted at Nordstrom sold out really fast! I see lots of cute clothes in stores, but it helps that none of it fits right now so I have no desire to buy anything. We are trying to combine closets with the baby coming so I have been trying to donate and toss some of the clothing I already have instead of buying more. Instead I may spend my clothing budget on some pampering next month like a mani, pedi, or facial!
What is on your wish list?
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  1. Love all these floral pieces you got! All the earrings are so chic too.

  2. You did a great job shopping and I say heck yes, spend your clothing budget on services that pamper you! You deserve it!

  3. I always love a peek into your budget as well as a look at some great finds!

  4. Oooh I love the floral pieces! It's a shame you couldn't buy much clothing when you were in Ireland but it's good that you were able to get a few accessories - they will be perfect all through your pregnancy and beyond! :)

    I like the idea of putting some of your budget towards pampering too - you need the relaxation even more when pregnant, especially when you have a kid already! :)

    Hope you have had a great weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. LOL, a burgundy cardigan is on my fall wishlist too. I also considered the NSale one but after it was too late! Oh well, I'm sure other stores will carry something similar in the fall. Love this recap as always!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. You always do so great with your budget! I've recently been shopping my little heart out, so I'm trying to refrain for a little bit!

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  7. These are all so so pretty!! The yellow dress/top is gorgeous with the exact yellow shade, love it! Xx

  8. I agree with Brooke! I've been shopping a lot recently too but am only buying pieces I can wear well into fall since it doesn't cool down here until like, November! You do a great job staying on track!

  9. That blue embroidered babydoll top was my fave this month and your leather earrings!


  10. Love the way you have categorized them in save and splurge. Great picks.

  11. Love what you got this month. Bummer you weren't able to find anything in Ireland.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  12. That's such a great idea to use the monthly budget on pampering instead, Laura!!
    As much as I love shopping (and I do), there are times that I think I have way too much!! (kinda like everyday..ha ha)