Monday, January 30, 2017

January Budget

January 2017 clothing budget

1. Both sets of earrings-c/o Happiness Boutique (statement earrings, ear jackets, worn here and here)
2. White portofino-Express $10.46 (save, splurge)
3. Pink sweatshirt- $4.09 with credit from Newchic (save, splurge, worn here)
4. Layered necklace-c/o Newchic (save, splurge, worn here)
5. Graphic tee-c/o Newchic (save, splurge, worn here)
6. Red blazer-Banana Republic outlet $25.31 (save, splurge)
7. Athletic leggings-Costco $17.94 (save, splurge, similar worn here)
8. Scalloped cape-c/o SheIn (save, splurge, worn here)
9. Blue blanket scarf-c/o Zaful (save, splurge, worn here)
10. Statement necklace-c/o Zaful (save, splurge, worn here)
11. Fringed poncho-c/o Zaful (save, splurge, worn here)
12. Pink pleated velvet skirt-c/o Makemechic (save, splurge, worn here)
13. Black criss cross sweater-c/o Makemechic (save, splurge, worn here)
14. Grey cardigan-c/o Stylewe (save, splurge, worn here)
15. Booties-DSW $21.10 (save, splurge)
16. Grey jeans-Old Navy $0 with giftcard (save, splurge)
Total: $78.90

Back in November, I got the Portofino on sale with Express rewards, but accidentally forgot to put it on my budget post so I am including it here (oops). I also have two pairs of Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy that I am debating on keeping or returning (do they stretch out or keep their shape?) and a pair of riding boots from Macy's that may or may not be a shade too dark. If I decide to keep any of those I will include them on February's post.

I did get an amazing deal on the red blazer from Banana Republic Outlet (and teacher discount) over winter break. Red is typically a color I shy away from, but the fit was perfect and so was the price. I need to break out of my comfort color zone more anyway! I used a gift card I received for Christmas to replace my grey jeans. There were so many cute outfits I was seeing on pinterest with grey jeans, but I wasn't motivated to replicate them. It finally hit me that my grey jeans just didn't fit well and I wasn't a fan of the shade so I replaced them with a pair from Old Navy that fit much better! I wear my black pair of jeans from Old Navy at least once a week so I am thinking these will be worn quite a bit as well. DSW had a fabulous clearance sale and I had a $10 reward that was expiring so I found a pair of super cute and comfortable booties. They are perfect for my days off work. I was also lucky to have some great collaborations this month and scored pretty earrings, a blanket scarf, and a grey cardigan I had been wanting.

For next month I am still looking for a pair of burgundy heels. This pair from Lord & Taylor is very cute, but just a little higher than I'd like to pay. I am also on the hunt for a pair of darker (but not super dark) jeans. Like if it was a steak, I want medium-well. I just feel like if I want them to fit in the waist then they are loose in the ankles and visa versa. I've tried Express and the dark wash fits well, but the lighter colors are made of thinner fabric and stretch out (even if I size down). American Eagle doesn't fit tight in the ankle, and Old Navy seems to stretch out to much during the day, too. If you have recommendations, please share!
What are you on the look out for February?


  1. You got some really nice things! The red blazer is wonderful! :)

    Sorry I can't help with the jeans recommendation! I think pants and jeans are the trickiest things to find. When you find ones that fit, stick with that brand! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. You got so many great pieces! Love your red blazer and fringed poncho!

    Doused In Pink

  3. You got some great items this month! I love the color of that poncho. Have you ever tried Kut from the Kloth jeans? Not sure what colors they have now but the price is reasonable and they don't stretch out too much. Have a great week Laura!

  4. So funny, I just posted today about a pair of lighter wash Express jeans that I returned because as you said, they were too thin! Their Dark Wash Supersoft Jeans are my favorite Dark Jeans (but not too dark). If you haven't looked at that style I recommend them. Fun seeing what you got this month and especially your crazy-good bargains!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. Fabulous finds and a great range of them, too!!

  6. Those stud earrings and the pleated skirt are my faves this month. I always want to do one of these type posts, but never get to it. Kudos to you for keeping up with it. It is fun to see what you spend and purchase every month!


  7. You got some really cute items! I love that fringe poncho!

    By Lauren M

  8. Ok Laura, I need those necklaces in my life STAT. So incredibly cute and I love all of your picks!


  9. I've been trying to not shop, LOL.
    But I applaud you for really trying to figure out the items that work best, and even returning things if you don't really love them. I tend to be the type that keeps everything I buy, and then tried to get it to work.

  10. I've been itching to buy a couple new Portofinos lately. Your post just reminded me to stop over and see what they have!

  11. Rockstar jeans from old navy are great - i've never had a problem with them stretching out! My blue denim pair has worn really well, but lately i've been noticing the black pair I have is aging a bit faster. i suppose that is what I get for wearing them a few times a week - they are so comfy.

  12. My faves were the earrings and the pleated skirt.
    Oh and I have only heard good things about the Portofino.

  13. You got some great items for 80 dollars.

  14. I'm on the hunt for some gray jeans for the same reason--my old pair is too big right now, so I never wear them even though I have a million pins with gray jeans! I'll have to give Old Navy's version a try.

  15. Amazing! Loving every single item!