Friday, June 10, 2016

3 Easy Ways to Save Time

3 easy ways to save time

3 easy ways to save time
1. Make a Grocery List and Do Meal Planning
This adds extra time up front, but saves SO much time in the long run. We started doing this years ago before our daughter was born. The first part of this is to have a grocery list on the fridge and add to it as you run out of items. That way there is no need to check and recheck what you are out of and there is no forgetting anything. The second time saving tip is to write down meals that sound good for the next week and their ingredients. Typically we write down 4-5 meals per week (depending on the week) and what we need on the list. I don't have to stand in front of my fridge wondering what the heck I am going to make and I don't need to run to the store when I realize I don't have an ingredient. Time saved and money saved!

3 easy ways to save time
2. Automatic Bill Pay and Savings Withdrawals
If you aren't already, make monthly bills like cable, internet, any kind of insurance, gym membership, cell phone, electricity, mortgage, and anything else you can think of automatically paid from your account. Some churches will even set up an automatic withdrawal for donation! This saves so much time from calling to pay or writing out checks and mailing them. It has the added benefit of helping the environment by reducing paper billing. It also means you know the exact day a certain bill will be debited helping with budgeting. If you are a saver, have money moved from checking into your savings account each month. All these automatic withdrawals means less to think about and lots more time!

3 easy ways to save time
3. Use Dryel for Your Dry Clean Clothing.
Let me tell you a quick story about what happened to me. I have quite a few embellished sweaters that are dry clean only. I didn't have time to run to the dry cleaner or hand wash them so I threw them in the washer on gentle. Lo and behold they came out with missing embellishments and I spent over an hour sewing them back on. The washer wasn't a time saver at all! Now I use Dryel on all my sweaters and save the time of going to the dry cleaner. I even use Dryel for my hand wash items because it is so easy and it works! Indirectly, when all my items are cleaned I can wear what I want, when I want which saves me time getting dressed, too. Dryel saves me at least 2 hours a month from driving back and forth to the dry cleaner and getting my items. And now it saves me money from resewing all my embellishments back on my clothing!

Additional time saving tips:

  • Don't leave a room without looking around to see if there is anything you can bring to where you are going.
  • Let you hair air dry at night so it's dry in the morning and you save blow drying time!
  • Clean as you go. Whether it is in the kitchen, craft time, or playing with your children, clean it up as you go. A huge mess takes more time than little ones. 
  • Have a set place for items like your purse, wallet, and keys. You'll always know where they are and won't waste time searching for them. 
  • Iron all your clothing at once so you don't waste time getting the iron and ironing board out for only one piece of clothing. 
What are other ways you save time?

3 easy ways to save time

Thank you to Dryel for sponsoring this post. All thoughts an opinions are mine though! 


  1. I always say I'm going to meal plan but it rarely happens. I need to be better about it! We have automatic payments and withdrawals and I always clean as I go too! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  2. Great tips! I need to be better with meal planning. Have a great weekend Laura!

  3. I've always said I want to do meal planning and sometimes even make it to the grocery store with the list... and then I end up cooking something else or just serving myself a bowl of cereal :(

  4. Good tips! I am always looking for ways to make things easier. Meal planning is definitely a big one for me. I need to try Dryel.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. These are great tips, and I do many of them too! The meal planning has been a lifesaver, and totally worth the initial time put in. I also love Dryel and have been using it for years! Your tip about ironing is a good one, and one I need to do. I just bought a travel-sized steamer (which I love!) but I need to just steam everything at once instead of just one thing at a time as I need it, good idea.

  6. These are all very relevant!!
    Meals are always such a struggle for many of us...I even cheat and make our lunches on Sunday---we eat the same thing all week long, but it really saves me time & headaches!
    The bill paying is 100% the best thing I've ever done. It reduces the stress of did I get the payment in on time!
    As for Dryel...I used to use it a long time ago and got out of the habit. I just won a packet from another blogger, so I plan to use it again! My mom has always preached to me that dry cleaning is very hard on clothing and wears them out faster, so not only does this method save you time & money, but also saves your clothes!!

  7. three great tips and I love your note pad

  8. I DO iron all my clothes all at once before they go back in the closet! I do this on Fridays as one of my chores! lol! Great tips!


  9. Great tips! I find I shop faster when I follow a list for grocery shopping - less running around back and forward in the store when I remember things, haha!

    At the moment I'm saving time by not ironing...but it just means I have a massive pile to tackle when I do make time for it, ha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. Great tips!

    I'm just getting back to meal planning, and it saves so much time and makes me feel so much better!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  11. Ditto what Andrea says. I am doing 21 Day Fix and it really helps to have my meals planned. And to have left overs to use for lunches. I do all of my ironing at one time unless I have fallen behind and then I do it as fast as I can to catch up. I used to use Dryel and liked it. Don't really have anything that requires dry cleaning these days. Some of my most delicate things I will tie up in a pillow case or wash inside out. Thanks for the tips.

  12. SO many great tips. I follow the first one really well and we too have a designated place for keys and wallets.