Sunday, November 1, 2015

Costco Opening in New Berlin

Oh man, it's getting all big city around here! This week the New Berlin Costco opens with its grand opening this Friday (see the flyer at the end of this post). In all seriousness, I am pretty psyched. More options is a nice thing to have and the location is less than 15 minutes away from our house and even closer to my work. So Matt and I have been trying to decide if we should get a membership or not. 
So, I've been talking with friends and family members that already have a membership. Costco was nice enough to send me some products to try out! I have to say the quality and taste are great. Here are my family's thoughts:

Ancient Grains Granola- We love the crunch. It's becoming a morning favorite with yogurt!

Kirkland Organic Salsa-We go through salsa incredibly fast. We love our taco salads, crockpot taco chicken, and salsa and chips. This has just the right amount of heat.

Kirkland Dark Chocolate Covered Mangoes- These were the first ones opened! We are HUGE fans. Now we are having the issue of deciding when to stop eating them!

Kirkland Mixed Nuts-I am not a huge fan of any kind of peanuts so I really can't speak to them much. The quality and taste is comparable to all the other mixed nuts I've had. It's nice to have on hand for the holidays! I can't have a bowl of candy out because of my daughter, but I might be able to get away with a bowl of mixed nuts. 

After all the positive feedback I got from people who are already members (good deals, great gas prices, nice cuts and selection of meat) and the delicious food we got to try out, we have decided to go ahead and get a membership for the year. They have an exclusive offer for new members in the area too. Check out the flyer for the details. 


  1. We have a Costco membership, mainly for my husband tho! Lol! We buy our protein shakes there (there is a brand I love) and our ink for our inkjet printer... among other things! I really need to get a card in my name so I can go on my own instead of him just going.


  2. i have a sam's membership but i really need to get costco! i forget that there's one in atl. you got some great stuff!

  3. I saw a sign at the Costco in Pleasant Prairie (that's the one we go to now- love it!) that New Berlin was opening...and what a cool partnership! Those mangoes look interesting- never tried them before, let alone covered in chocolate but I assume that means they are awesome! That salsa looks tasty too!

  4. We love Costco. My parents have had a membership for years so I use theirs. I have tried their nuts before and in general their own brand Kirkland is nice. I must try those chocolate-covered mangoes. I also want to try the salsa which will be great paired with chips and the grains granola. Please share tour taco salad recipe sometimes, thanks so much!