Wednesday, October 7, 2015

8 Reasons Why You Should Start Shopping Online

J.Crew tweed sweater, distressed jeans, Greg Michaels tote, Tory Burch flats
Sweater-J.Crew c/o thredUp (similar, similar) | Tee-JCP (similar, similar) | Jeans-Gap (similar, similar) | Flats-Tory Burch c/o Shopbop (similar, similar) | Bag-c/o Greg Michaels (exact

As a busy mom, I don't often have time to go take shopping trips. Any time I spend at the mall or stores is limited so I often only have a chance to visit one store per trip. How to I manage to find items to add to my closet each month? I shop online! I think there are a lot of pros to shopping online and I am sharing some today. Do you shop online? You should! Read on to see why!

1. Ebates

Have you tried Ebates yet? Basically you get money back for online shopping on certain sites. I know. It kind of sounds like a hoax, but I have been using it for two years now and 7 checks later I've gotten over $200 back in purchases I would have made anyway. Almost every website I shop through provides an ebates percentage back. Just install the button on your Bookmarks Bar to help remind you when to use ebates. It flashes red on a site that uses ebates and flashes green when you are signed in to receive your percentage back. Every 3 months you get a check in the mail. You can still use all the promo codes you want so there really isn't a disadvantage (unless you forget)! Use this code to sign up and get a $10 cash bonus! At stores like Target and Kohls I often shop online through ebates then choose the "Pick Up In Store" option. I still get my cash back from ebates and it's ready for me to pick up when I head to the store!

J.Crew tweed sweater, distressed jeans, Greg Michaels tote, Tory Burch flats

2. Try on in comfort of your own home

Sick of the tiny space in dressing rooms? Are stores too cold for you to contemplate undressing? Shopping at home lets you try clothing on in the comfort of your own home. And it's easier to get opinions from your husband too because at least he can be watching the football game while he's waiting for you to show him your latest purchases!

3. Often have more sizes available and additional size options (Tall, Petite, etc)

I wear popular sizes and they are often out of stock in store. Petite and Tall sizes aren't often fully stocked in stores either. Instead of visiting multiple stores to find what you want, try shopping online. Because stores have warehouses and multiple locations to pull from you are more likely to find the size that will fit you best. Because stores stock items based on geographic area, you might be missing out on certain styles as well. Take a look online to get the full range of styles, sizes, and options available at a store.

J.Crew tweed sweater, distressed jeans, Greg Michaels tote, Tory Burch flats

4. See how it looks in 'real' lighting

The lights in fitting rooms are never good. And those clothes just don't look the same once you get them home. Check out how the item looks in your own home or even outdoors and make sure the shade and fit are flattering!

5. See how it mixes and matches with your clothing

How many times have you purchased something thinking it would go with items in your closet only to get home and discover the coloring is totally off? Ordering online allows you to try on an item with multiple pieces from your own closet to figure out if it's really worth adding to your wardrobe and will be versatile enough for what you want.

J.Crew tweed sweater, distressed jeans, Greg Michaels tote, Tory Burch flats

6. Save on gas

Ordering online will save you money on gas. Occasionally there are shipping charges, but often times with promo codes or minimum amount=free shipping you can avoid those. Even if you drive to a store to return items you didn't want, you still are driving less than if you would have purchased the item, driven home, only to decide you don't want it after all and had to drive it back to the store for a return. Make sense?

J.Crew tweed sweater, distressed jeans, Greg Michaels tote, Tory Burch flats
Sweater-J.Crew c/o thredUp (similarsimilar) | Tee-JCP (similar, similar) | Jeans-Gap (similarsimilar) | Flats-Tory Burch c/o Shopbop (similarsimilar) | Bag-c/o Greg Michaels (exact

7. Saves time

Walking all over the mall and driving to multiple store locations to find what you want can be so time consuming! I certainly love shopping, but I definitely don't have the time anymore! It takes minutes to browse stores online for items you like. If you are looking for a specific item, like a black cardigan, you can check quickly to see if they have what you like or try websites like Shopstyle that search multiple stores at a time. Shopstyle even has an app now that you can use to shop with on your smart phone or tablet!

8. Online only stores

If you don't shop online you might be missing online only stores that don't have a brick and mortar location. Some of my favorite boutiques and stores are only online. There are so many cute items to be had!


  1. i really need to get on ebates! and start shopping online more.

  2. nice casual outfit..i like your sweater

  3. 1. I LOVE this outfit. 2. I shop online ALL THE TIME and use ebates but I never thought about the pick up in store option for Target and using ebates at the same time. You just blew my mind. LOVE IT. Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday too!

  4. You don't have to convince me! Lol! Love this top and I need to check out Ebates. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree, and online shopping is my favorite! Spending a day at the mall going store to store is just not practical for me!

    Fizz and Frosting

  6. As much as I love a shopping day with girlfriends,online is my favorite way to shop! There are so many stores that offer free shipping and returns now it makes it so easy!

    Doused In Pink

  7. Definitely good reasons to shop online. I love trying things on in store too. Great look.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  8. I didn't need any reasons to shop online, but this gives me 8 more excuses!

  9. I love ebates!! i'm a big online shopper, I like to try things on, but most of the time, my size is sold out in stores.

    pumps and push-ups

  10. Oh, I just love ebates! I do about 50% of my shopping online... I do like to go to the outlet stores to shop a couple of times a year and I stock up then! I also really like to use Stitch Fix, even though I have no idea what I'll receive!


  11. I agree with you; online shopping offers many positive aspects. I shop online but also enjoy going to the stores. Have a nice day!


  12. I agree completely! I nearly always buy online for all the reasons above. One thing I would add is that it isn't as stressful as shopping in the flesh. No queuing or crowds or getting annoyed by other people! You look lovely.

  13. I absolutely love shopping online. I've become way to comfortable waiting for things to arrive at my doorstep and trying them on in the comfort of my home! I actually rarely buy things in stores now!

  14. Love your outfit! I love shopping online. Shopping online spoils you too, because sometimes it is cheaper online than in store.

  15. Oh girl you don't need to convince me to shop online, I'm an addict! But as a tall girl I totally agree, it's almost impossible for me to buy pants or jackets in stores! And you can't really google "promo code" when you're in a brick and mortar store!


    Laura Aime Vous

  16. I did not know about Ebates. Thank you! What a tip. Unfortunately, because I live overseas I don't shop too much online, but it's good to know about this option.

    Love your style too!

    Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

  17. I don't shop online often, in general, I shop less and less. But I have found some great buys through your links.

    From Jing at

  18. I completely agree with all these reasons- SO true! Now if online retailers would always offer free shipping...I think it might become the new norm soon because retailers really want to win our business (case in point with Target's new price matching it!)

  19. As many benefits as there are to shopping online, there are just so many times when I'd rather be in a store. Usually the sales are better in store, and you don't have to deal with the frustration of filling your cart with things you love only to then realize the sizes don't work, the fabric is cheap, or the construction is poor. Then schlepping it back to the store, or even just to the ups drop off can be a hassle... sometimes I will ride around with things in my car for weeks.
    Chic on the Cheap

  20. You are looking so beautiful. This outfit is super cute I love the sweater :)


  21. I love ebates- such a cool way to earn cash on stuff you were going to buy, anyway. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. I am a real online shopping junkie, I rarely go into physical stories anymore! Love this look on you. The tote is gorgeous!

  23. I love your top! :)

    So many good reasons for shopping online too! I like shopping online more for the range you get, but shipping is rarely free in Australia and returns can be expensive so I'm very "safe" with what I buy online. I'll be more adventurous when I'm checking out a sale in a store, but as you pointed out there isn't always time for that, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  24. I'm all for online shopping! I love your helpful tips! Happy weekend!
    Red Reticule

  25. I am with you and do most of my shopping online. Love your cute top!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week.


  26. I am such a store shopper not an online one. I love to touch, feel and try on what I buy, before. I think with Ebates online you might have convinced me. That and ThredUp from whic you always find great things like your sweatshirt. Yes, there are many only online boutiques too. You make good points about reasons 2 & 5 also.