Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Budget

September 2015 clothing purchases

1. Plaid pants-Old Navy $22.64 (exact, similar)
2. Cargo jacket-Old Navy $27.46 (similar, similar)
3. Booties-DSW $52.75 (exact, similar)
4. Navy embellished sweater-Kate Spade c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
5. Tweed Sweater-J.Crew c/o thredUp (similar, similar, similar)
6. Plaid sweatshirt-c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
7. Plaid shirt-Old Navy c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
8. Dress-Tracy Reese c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
9. Sperry's-c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
10. Red heels-c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
11. Pink sweater-Ann Taylor c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
12. Camel cardigan-J.Crew c/o thredUp (similar, similar, similar)
13. Floral top-c/o thredUp (similar, similar)
14. Floral skirt-Pim + Larkin c/o thredUp (similar, similar) worn here
15. Wedges-DSW $2.10 (similar, similar)
16. Work out tank- JCP $2.10 (not pictured) (similar, similar)
TOTAL: $107.05

Right at the end of last month I placed a huge thredUp order. I had been 'window browsing' and found so many cute sweaters I couldn't resist! Then I needed to get a dress for my upcoming brother's wedding and found the perfect one with the Tracey Reese number. I can't believe I found those Sperrys just waiting for me at thredUp either. They are so comfortable! A few of the thredUp items are replacements for things I already own (red heels, camel cardigan, red plaid, and pink sweater). While my items aren't in bad shape, I saw an opportunity to upgrade with better quality fabrics and did. Have you tried thredUp yet? Check out my post on how to shop there and use this link for $20 off your first purchase (you can get a few items for that)!

I also placed an order at Old Navy earlier this month. Originally I had seen the Old Navy field jacket on Christie and knew it was exactly what I had been looking for. To qualify for free shipping, I added the pants. Needless to say, they aren't being returned. I really like them and I think they will work with a lot of my wardrobe.

I have been wanting a nice pair of suede booties for quite a while and with $20 in coupons at DSW was able to score the Crown Vintage ones that look incredibly similar to the costlier Sam Edelman Petty pair. That said, I am a bit on the fence about them. What are your thoughts? Will I be able to wear them with skirts, dresses, and pants? I am hoping to even pair them with my flares since they have a slightly pointed toe.

For next month I am still looking for camel leather combat boots (preferably with a plaid lining). No luck on this front. They are all faux leather and look a bit cheap. I am also thinking about investing in a bucket bag. What is on your October wish list?


  1. You had so many great threadUp finds! Those Sperry's are so cute! I have a huge credit on threadUp and really need to take the time to go on and use it!

    Doused In Pink

  2. i think you did AMAZING for what you spent. lots of great finds. can't wait for next month :)

  3. All your Thredup items are great and you got them all c/o how cool! I love the 2 items from Old Navy and those nice versatile booties. Yes they can work with skirts and dresses. I cannot wait to see the Tracy Reese dress on you.

  4. All great buys! That dress is my fave though. :)

  5. That dress is gorgeous! I also love the tan booties, as I'm looking to add a similar pair to my closet!

  6. Wow, awesome things c/o ThredUP. They have the best stuff. I had those same booties from DSW and literally wore them out!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. I really envy how spending smart you are! I would end up with that same budget and only have two items on my list! I am so bad with budgeting!

  8. Great buys! My October wishlist includes some more sweaters, new suede boots, and a new bag for work. Fingers crossed I can find some deals!

    - Laura

  9. I'm jealous of all your ThredUp finds! These are all great pieces!

  10. great selection!! :) lots of good stuff!

  11. I love my Sperrys. I wear them so much I think I need to get a new pair and I may get the same exact ones! lol! They are a few years old. I have a pair of similar boots and I wear them all the time, too. Wow, you got a lot this month and didn't spend too much! Awesome!


  12. I LOVE budget posts like this! Every month I say I'm going to do one of these but I think I need to accept it's not going to happen. But it's so fun to see what everyone chooses to add to their closet. You got so much bang for your buck!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  13. You totally rocked it with thredUp this month- jealous of that Kate Spade sweater and those Sperry shoes! Well done, lady!

  14. I'm loving all of the plaid in this post! You really got some amazing deals. I'm impressed with how many pieces you were able to squeeze in!

  15. I love thred up! I really like your booties, but they look more like for jeans and leggings than skirts.

  16. So many great ThredUp finds! I have been looking for an embellished sweater like the Kate Spade one you scored--I hadn't thought to check ThredUp!

  17. My favorite is that purple dress, so elegant!

    From Jing at

  18. Dang! That's a lot of c/o items this month! Great job on that! I thought those booties were the Sam Edelman pair they look so similar. Good steal on that pair. Also loving the camel cardigan and the red plaid! My birthday is in Oct. so I'm hoping to get a few warm items--another plaid blanket scarf, soft thick plaid flannel shirt, and maybe another nice North Face fleece. I'm going to try not to spend much this month if I can help it!

  19. You did awesome this month- so many cool fall-ish things. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. Such a great idea to get the items we need for fall. I need to look into it. ;)

    Take care and keep in touch!
    Please stop by today for Color and Grace Fashion link up!

  21. I'm pretty sure I saw the same tweed sweater from J. Crew on ThredUp and almost put it in my cart, but decided I didn't need another baseball style top. I can't wait to see how you style it!

  22. Got to love thredup! You got so many great sweaters, and I love the field jacket.
    The booties are cute, and I can say my crown vintage pair are pretty comfortable. As far as wearing them with skirt and dresses, it's really at your discretion. I've seen it done and think it's cute, but I rarely like how it looks on myself.
    Chic on the Cheap

  23. WHEN will thredup come to Italy!! Honestly, that would be my ruin! I love the idea of that store and their clothes are so great!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, travel and life as a mom in Italy.

  24. I'm loving all of these pieces. Thanks for linking up with me!