Friday, August 7, 2015

Closet Inventory Updated

closet inventory

When you are procrastinating on packing for vacation, what should you do? I decided to count all my clothes. Last June I did a closet inventory. At the time I had 280 items. As with last time, I did not count athletic clothing, lounge wear, pajamas, or under garments. I also didn't get into my accessories. That number would be embarrassingly high (although probably not as high as it used to be now that Claire has discovered my stash and started to claim it as her own!).

tanks/sleeveless: 19 12
short sleeve: 20 20
3/4 sleeve: 13 6
long sleeve: 14 20
button up: 20 13
sweaters: 30 33
cardigans: 16 15
TOTAL: 132 119

jeans: 9 8
colored jeans/skinny cords: 8 10
ankle/capri: 3 3
dress pants: 6 7
skirts: 20 27
shorts: ? 10
TOTAL: 46 65

maxi: 2 3
formal: 3 3
sweater: 3 3
sheath: 3 3
casual: 15 16
TOTAL: 26 28

flats: 17 13
heels/wedges: 10 15
sandals: 5 5
boots/booties: 10 10
athletic: 2 1
TOTAL: 45 44

vests: 9 9
heavy coats: 4 3
light coats: 6 6
blazers: 12 12
TOTAL: 31 30

TOTAL ITEMS: 280 286

So when I was redoing this, I realized I had neglected to include my shorts last year. I believe the number was about the same as this year so last year my total was probably closer to 290 instead of the 280 I actually reported. Sorry! This year the total number is 286 so it looks like my overall number has stayed about the same. I decreased my amount of tops, but really increased the amount of bottoms. I have one very large drawer where I keep all my pants and shorts so as long as they fit, I don't worry about them too much. I think I need to go through them again because I know there are a few I haven't worn in quite a while. Apparently I need to go through my skirts and really decide which ones stay and which ones go. Skirts are easy to accumulate since they are only worn 1-2 times a year. With so little wear you forget how comfortable/uncomfortable or how versatile they are. When items are worn so little I find you just make them work. But I think I need to get a little more firm with myself! It's much easier to monitor my tops because I have a limited number of hangers. It's apparent when I run out of those and need to clean out my closet again! 

Overall, it's a lot of clothing, but not overwhelming to the point of forgetting about clothing or having a hard time organizing it all. I doubt I will be making any huge closet purges in the future, but I certainly don't want to go higher than my current number of items. I will continue to abide by my one-in-one-out policy when buying clothing since it really helps keep things manageable. What are your thoughts on the overall number?
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  1. Hi. First of all, love the new look of the blog. It is so clean yet pretty and a little girly. I seriously feel like you own a small number compared to a lot of other women including me. And on the plus side I feel like you always wear fresh and new things and don't repeat things a lot. =)