Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Paula Dorf Eye Shadow Palette and Mascara

I may be a self-professed make-up dunce, but that doesn't mean I don't love trying out new products! I received the Aztec City Eye Palette and mascara from Paul Dorf to sample. I've loved playing around with these products. My favorite look so far is a simple day look with the neutral colors in the palette. I used the white to highlight under my brow bone, pink across the lid, and the dark brown in my crease and as eye liner. The teal mascara adds a different dimension to my eyelashes. It isn't over the top and has just a hint of color. It's a baby step if you are thinking about testing the waters in the colored mascara pond. AND it's free with code TEAL when you buy the Aztec City Eye Palette from Paula Dorf! 
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  1. beautiful shade of eye shadow. It always fun to try new products out.

  2. love the colors of the palette and your eye lids look so pretty and neutral with a little shimmer.