Friday, December 26, 2014

My Travel Essentials

This year we made a promise to ourselves: no traveling during Christmas. We would travel before or after, just not on Christmas day. With a daughter whose birthday is on Christmas, we wanted a couple years for her to be able to celebrate at home until she is able to give her own opinions on the matter. We are lucky to have some very understanding relatives and had both sets of grandparents and my brother and future sister in law come to visit. Today begins our traveling to see the rest of the family. 
We will be spending many hours in the car over the next week so I always think about what I will need, what I might need, and what will keep my busy. I thought it would be a perfect time to share what I bring when traveling. Whether flying or driving I typically include the same things. What are my travel essentials?

Magazine, Kindle, and Ear buds-I load my Kindle up with lots of books and games to save on space when packing. A couple magazines act as backup. It's always nice to have options! 

Iphone-Even if I travel overseas I always take my iphone. Most hotels have wireless so it's a nice way to stay in touch through email or imessage. And if I am not traveling I use it to catch up on social media or browse pinterest! 

Wallet-Do I really need to explain this one?

Passport-I only bring this when flying, but I like to use a pretty passport cover like this one from Mimic Designs. Not only is it nice to look at, but it helps me find it in my bag more easily. The leather is incredibly soft and the gold lining is so lux!

Tissues-Handy for napkins, toilet paper, or for their intended use I never travel without a pack!

Lotion- It's really dry on planes. I get one with a nice scent like this one in my favorite scent from the Body Shop and it can double as perfume.

Hand Sanitizer- Because you never know when you will be without soap. The travel sized ones like this one are perfect!

Glass Nail File-Traveling or not I always carry one! This one is only $6, but I have seen them other places for less. 

Wisp-I like these to freshen your breath better than mints or gum. No water needed!

Lipgloss-A long wearing lipgloss in a color that goes with everything like this pretty shade from Chanel called Seduction

Miscellaneous- Bobby pins, any medication I might need (in a pretty pill box of course!), and any other essentials in a small coin purse like this one.

The most important essential is not what I pack, but what I pack it all in! If I am in the car I don't want lots of bags with me by my seat. If I am flying I am limited to a certain amount of bags. And I've had bags that have broken on me while traveling so quality is extremely important. This tote from Mimic Design is the perfect size for all my travel essentials and even has room for a bottle of water and extra sweater. It is made of soft, but sturdy suede and can be monogrammed, too. And another bonus is that it's easily passed off as a purse so I can bring an additional carry on while still being stylish enough for using as a purse when I get to my destination. This bag will be my travel go-to for years to come! 

I hope all your holiday travel goes smoothly and safely!
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  1. I enjoyed this post and found your tips useful. Happy 2nd Birthday to Claire and Happy Travels.

  2. Love all the pretty turquoise accents. Safe travels this week, babe!


  3. cute bag and reading material is a must for me.


  4. Love your passport cover, it's very cute! Very chic travel essentials!

  5. I love our monogram tote and passport cover! Safe travels!


    Doused In Pink

  6. I really love your monogrammed tote! So very chic and perfect for travel.

    I didn't know your daughter was a christmas baby! I was just having a discussion about the christmas birthday with one of my friends who was born December 25th, and how often december birthdays fall victim to the combined present. He told me growing up it was never like that. In the morning he and his siblings all got their presents from Santa, but then in the afternoon, he would get a whole pile of birthday presents, just for him. Another birthday perk was that you didn't have to help with the dishes, which there were always an abundance of on a holiday.

    So good for you for making sure your daughter never feels shortchanged by her Christmas birthday.

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. Aw I completely L O V E your stuff. The color tone is so delicate. Ear buds are my most essential travel accessory, too.

  8. I adore your travel list! Those first three items you've listed are always at the top of my list, too. Enjoy your time with family, and have safe, memorable travels! T.

  9. Happy Birthday to your daughter

  10. I carry alot of the same things around with me on a daily basis. I always bring a large bag to work. I like to be prepared. I like your tote and the monogramming is a nice touch.

  11. My son was born on September 11, 2001.
    From Jing at

  12. Hope your daughter had a beautiful birthday on Christmas! I love your passport holder, must have one! Love your iPhone case, too... just got a new iPhone 6 for Christmas, so I am looking for a case! What a beautiful monogrammed bag for all of these items!

  13. Neat post and cool bag. I always like to see what other people bring. We drove 10 hours for Christmas both ways, and I downloaded a series of podcasts and an ebook for the first time. Man did it make the time go by more quickly!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  14. That is what we tried to do this year for her. We had a dinner and opened her bday presents afterwards and she seemed to like it. It's always nice to hear how other people handle it, too! It can be hard to cram two celebrations into one day, but we try our best!

  15. That bag is fantastic! It looks like the perfect size for traveling without being too bulky. We travel with a lot of the same items. I need to start carrying tissues around, I just forget to put the in my bags!