Thursday, November 27, 2014

Gift Ideas

Struggling for some ideas before you hit the mall tonight or tomorrow? Maybe these might help! 
Is it just me or are men almost impossible to find gifts for? Over the years I feel like I've come up with some super fun ideas that have gotten a good reception from Matt I thought I would share with you! 
Camera strap-So he can be stylish...while taking blog pictures for me!
Burberry Weekender-favorite cologne hands down. 
Personalized beer mugs-We keep ours in the freezer for a cold mug when we need it for beer or even a float!
Personalized pub sign-On sale now for buy 1 get 1 free! We got one of these for my father in law for his birthday this year. It turned out so well! 
Whiskey rocks- Because you can't use ice when drinking whiskey.
Herringbone tie-Matt has been raving about ties from this store. I love this herringbone one! 
Dollar Shave Club-a monthly club for men! Like Ipsy or Birchbox, but manlier! ;)
And some fun ideas for the women! 
Gold iphone case-Because you can never have enough gold, glitter, or sparkle in your life. 
Buxom Lipgloss set-when you don't like the person enough to buy her the Roulette
Cracklin Cranberry Wine-My favorite wine by far! They will ship by the case. The Black and Blue is amazing, too! 
Glass nail file-With a few pretty nail polishes, this makes a great gift! And who wants jagged fingernails?
Fair Isle Socks-A tad cliche, but a whole lot of cute!
Pajamas- You just can't go wrong!
Make up bag-Fill it with goodies...or not. I use mine for so many things other than make up from holding bows and hair ties, desk supplies, first aid kits, to my daughter pretending they are her purse. 
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  1. Happy thanksgiving!! Whiskey rocks make awesome gifts. We gave are one friend some for his birthday.

  2. I love the Boxom lipgloss set and the Burberry cologne!

  3. Thanks for sharing your ideas for gift! The whisky rocks are my favorite....
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    From Jing at

  4. Oh I love that camera strap so much!

  5. Loving these great gift ideas! Those Fair Isle socks are TDF! :) T.

  6. you already know i love those glosses!

  7. Men are so difficult to buy for! I love that camera strap for myself. :)

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  8. You know I'm a fan of that camera strap!

  9. I am REALLY needing some ideas for my man and SOON! I want that camera strap for ME. And, that monthly mens club similar to Ispy is such a fun idea for him. That Herringbone tie is really nice, too! And, I need to look to see if that Black and Blue wine is a wine we tried and couldn't find in any stores here... I hope it is!