Monday, September 29, 2014

September Budget and $340 ASOS Giveaway!

1. Lace up Heels-DSW $5.34 (exact, similar)
2. Nude Heels-Payless $26.74 (exact, similar)
3. Denim Jacket-$26.92 (exact, similar)
4. Plaid Shorts-BR $12.27 (exact, similar)
5. White Shorts-Old Navy $8.43 (similar, similar)
6. Skirt-J.Crew via thredUP $9.49 (similar, similar)
7. Sweater-J.Crew via thredUP $5.49 (with referral credit, get your $10 off here!) (similar, similar)
8. Yellow lace top-Target via thredUP $0 (similar, similar)
9. Zara scarf-ebay $10.64 (similar, this year's)
10. Sweater-J.Crew via Goodwill (similar, similar) + Gemstones $15.61
11. Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume $63.13
Total: $184.06+$25.03 from J.Crew shorts return from last month
Revised Total: $159.03
It seems like most of my spending was done in the beginning of the month and right at the end! I mentioned buying some items over Labor Day weekend and really liked all of them except the blue wedges. They were a deal, but they just weren't comfortable so back they went! I also ended up returning the J.Crew shorts I bought last month. They were just too big and Old Navy had some that fit much better for less than half the price. I replaced my denim jacket finally with a slightly more classic cut which I like much better and will last for years. It was right at the price point I wanted so I am glad I waited a while. I also did a little bit of thrifting at Goodwill and thredUP. The yellow top was free because it had a small stain they didn't catch. It came out in the wash so it was a bargain for me! For next month I am wanting a striped vest like J.Crew's from last year and I am still on the hunt for the perfect black heels. But I know I'd really love some extra cash to spend next month!
How about $340 to ASOS??!
What would you get with all that cash?

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  1. You got some great J Crew items at ThreadUp! I think I will get on the site and look soon. I scored two Old Navy sweaters recently that I love! Great budgeting this month!! Susan

  2. I love everything you purchased! This is a great giveaway. I would totally buy the duster coat on my wish list if I were to win.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  3. You did good this month, love your purchases.


  4. You got some great items this month. Have a great week.

  5. You got some great deals this month! Love everything you purchased! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  6. You got some great items and great deals. Right now I am really watching my budget because I want to have lots to spend when I go to NYC for Thanksgiving. I am also trying to make myself remember that Christmas is quickly approaching.

  7. I would grab this long, chunky cardigan in black!

  8. You have some mad shopping skills, seeing you were able to pull off all that for roughly $150.00 is awesome!! I need to step up my game :)

  9. I would buy a bunch of blouses for work(: my email is I have entered. (:

  10. You got some great pieces this month, I just love thredUP :)

  11. Wow, this was a great month! I love all the pieces you got from ThredUp!

  12. LOVE those lace up heels! Great buy!

  13. I'd buy some fun fall/winter dresses for fall...what a great giveaway! And I love your lave up heels- gorgeous!

  14. ASOS has such a great selection of pieces - I love so many of their dresses...but I also would love some new accessories, so I might shoot for some necklaces or headbands :) I'm glad you found a new denim jacket this month as well :)