Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quick and Easy Almond Torte Dupe

I was thumbing through one of my cookbooks last weekend trying to find some new desserts to fix up and I came across this one in Taste of Home Ultimate Five Ingredient Recipes. We love almond torte, but it makes quite a bit and takes a long time to make. I figured I could give it a shot. For a total of 15 minutes, this is a pretty darn good substitute for almond torte (or as the fashion bloggers like to say, a dupe)!

1. All you need is a pre-made pound cake, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, almond extract, and 1 pint whipping cream. Cut the pound cake lengthwise in thirds. 
2. Use a mixer to whip the cream and 1t. almond extract until it forms soft peaks. Add 3T. cocoa powder and 3/4c. powdered sugar. Whip until completely mixed and stiff peaks form. 
3. Spread whipped cream mixture between each layer of pound cake and on the top and sides. Refrigerate 30 minutes before eating. 

Quick and Easy Almond Torte
1 pound cake
2c. heavy whipping cream
1t. almond extract
3/4c. powdered sugar
3T. cocoa powder

1. Slice pound cake into three slices lengthwise. 
2. Combine heavy whipping cream and almond extract. Whip with mixer on high speed until soft peaks form. 
3. Add powdered sugar and cocoa powder and whip on high until stiff peaks form. 
4. Frost layers of pound cake and on top and sides. Refrigerate 30 minutes before serving. 

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  1. this look so yummy and so easy to make

  2. looks amazing, thank you for the recipe.

  3. Oh yum! I love anything almond flavored!

  4. OK that looks and sounds delish though I could never make it. Also, what is the difference between a torte and a cake? You are a skilled baker - explain it to me. =)

  5. I wouldn't say I am a skilled baker! A torte is a type of cake which is more dense than typical cake. Normally you use less flour and when the torte bakes it doesn't rise like a cake does. They also taste richer than a typical cake! :)