Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Closet Inventory

I have read a few closet inventory posts and was fascinated by them. It was so interesting to find out how many items of each type of clothing another blogger had.

 Of course I was always surprised at some numbers, whether they were low or high. I haven't had the desire to do one, because I wasn't curious about my wardrobe. I wear the stuff everyday, it all fits well into my closet and dresser, why worry about it? Then I read Kate's inventory and it just got me thinking. So without further ado:

tanks/sleeveless: 19
short sleeve: 20
3/4 sleeve: 13
long sleeve: 14
button up: 20
sweaters: 30
cardigans: 16
TOTAL: 132

jeans: 9
colored jeans/skinny cords: 8
ankle/capri: 3
dress pants: 6
skirts: 20

maxi: 2
formal: 3
sweater: 3
sheath: 3
casual: 15

flats: 17
heels/wedges: 10
sandals: 5
boots: 10
athletic: 2

vests: 9
heavy coats: 4
light coats: 6
blazers: 12


I didn't count camis, athletic wear, lounge wear, or pajamas. For shoes, that means I didn't count my 3 pairs of tennis shoes for road races, running, and yard work. The only sweatshirts I included are the ones that are embellished. And I didn't even want to touch my accessories or I would have been counting all night!

I am not really shocked by the number and there aren't really any areas that I seemed to have tons of items in. Well, besides sweaters but come on, I live in Wisconsin! Totally justified. It would be cool to get the number down to 250, but when I was counting there were only a few things that stuck out to me as things I didn't wear or care about. Given the fact that I have already been getting rid of things for the past few months, I am not sure if getting it down to 250 is reasonable for me. I wish I would have done this before blogging because I have a feeling it would be so different. I think a lot of the areas have changed (especially button ups) since starting blogging and reading more blogs.


  1. Hmmmm maybe I need to do this. Although I would be a little scared to discover the results.. haha!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

  2. I would be a little scared to do this! You have a manageable number...good luck with the clean-up!

  3. I think these are interesting reads! Maybe try the hanger trick and the end the of the season the hanger that aren't flipped are the pieces you lose to get to the 250 mark?

  4. I kind of have a similar feeling to you that my clothes are under control (at least in the sense that I wear most of them and like most of them), but I do think the numbers I would count if I did this would be pretty high. Having seen you and Kate previously do this, I am definitely starting to get curious about what my closet will tell me... Thanks for sharing!

  5. I just did a shoe inventory and I have 97 pair of shoe. I still debating if I want to do this with my clothes. As Ginny said try the hang trick and see if it works.

  6. Ohhh!!!! Love this idea!! I kinda wanna do it, but I still have a lot of stuff at my house in Argentina... so it would be like cheating ^^



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  7. How do you store your shoes? I feel like I'm constantly tripping over my own!!!!

  8. A few different ways. I have an over the door hanger for all my flats and sandals, I have cubes in my closet for shoes and a few heels, then I use the shelf in my closet for boots and lesser used heels. Here is the over the door hanger: http://www.amazon.com/Pair-Over-Door-Shoe-Black/dp/B00271TIH6/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1401803178&sr=8-9&keywords=over+the+door+shoe+rack Hope that helps!

  9. Thanks! When we had our house on the market I organized my clothes by color light to dark. I know, crazy, but it looked really cool (and organized) and it was interesting to see what I would pick to wear when things were organized differently! I tried to have Jason do it too, but he thought I was nuts!

  10. I've never taken a closet inventory, but I suspect my number would be much higher. I have a jacket/coat obsession and probably have twice what you do. Dresses too... But I also know I need to get more organized and downsize my closet a bit more. Accessories, good lord, that would take me a month to count them all...

    Chic on the Cheap

  11. These are so interesting to read! Now I'm curious to do one of my own...

  12. wow, I'm impressed. Your closet inventory seems under control. I don't think you need to worry about cutting back (unless you have good reason to). I've been racking my brain for the past couple weeks as to whether there is a magic number to cut down to, and if so, why that number is the magic number. I wish I would have done an inventory when I first started blogging, too. Thanks for the shout out :)

  13. That is an interesting idea! I have organized mine by color since high school and mixing it up a bit might give me some neat outfit ideas!

  14. It's really impressive that you did this but even more so that you use most of it. Now that's making the most of your closet!

  15. Honestly I would have more clothes if we had more room. ;) Someday I will have a walk in closet and not have to worry about it as much! I feel like I really have cut back a lot so I probably won't be getting rid of too much unless I just don't like things anymore.

  16. Creatures of habit we are! I organize my shirts by sleeve length.

  17. Our numbers are so similar! I think it's just really interesting to see where each of us falls on the total number, and then the individual categories. I feel the same way that you do - I'm not appalled at how much I have, and I have the room for it, but it just feels like I "should" get rid of some. I don't know why I feel that way, but I was also thinking it would be interesting to try to get to 250. But why? I don't know. Just something to do, I guess. So I don't know if I'll try very hard! I definitely wish I knew how much I had last year, or 5 years ago. I don't think I shop more since I started blogging, but I do think I have a higher turnover rate. I am not as willing to keep something if it's not right. so I think that's a good thing.

  18. I haven't been blogging long enough to think about turnover rate, but I do know I am more willing to get rid of things if I don't really like it. I think 250 is just a nice, even number so that's why it sticks in my head! I was happy when I saw your number because it kind of verified where mine was!

  19. I cannot imagine tackling this in my closet... I do separate things out by seasons, though (winter + fall and then spring + summer), so that might make it more manageable. :)


  20. this is such an interesting idea, although the thought of taking inventory of my closet does give me anxiety. i'm pretty sure my number would be way too high! definitely a good way to take stock of what you have though, and see what you might be lacking.


  21. This is a cool idea, Laura! I'd like to try this sometime :)


  22. I never thought of this and I think I'm going to do it. I feel like I wear almost everything but I'm curious to see how it breaks down. I think this might help with planning what I really need for summer, fall, etc. too.


  23. This is such a cool idea! Once the school year winds down I am doing this too! I am wondering- has your number of button ups increased or decreased since you started blogging? Mine has made a major increase! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  24. It can be tough because I think a 'good' number is so relative. I can probably get away with less because my work is casual so my clothes can be worn on the weekend or at work. If I had to dress more professionally I am sure I would have more clothes.

  25. Most definitely increased! I love them by themselves or layered! They are so versatile!

  26. This is the project I've been wanting to start on since returning from Vegas. I think you have a VERY reasonable amount of clothes! And all different types too. I was reading some of the comments and noticed you said you sort everything by color? I don't think I've ever done that! I always sort by type which is how I plan my outfits (by what type of clothing I want to wear each day). After my inventory I may want to switch it up by color just to see if it changes my perspective at all. Now do you sort by item then by color, or just by color? I don't have more than one color of each item for the most part so that wouldn't do me much good haha

  27. So inspiring! I love this idea and I might just have to do it myself but I am a little afraid!

  28. I just sort by color. It doesn't matter much to me if I wear a tank, short sleeved, or long sleeved top because when it's cold I layer things over it anyway. It's really interesting to hear how other people organize their clothes!

  29. I kind of want to do it yearly now just to see how it changes!

  30. I always love reading these type of posts! I'm thinking about doing one once the internship is over in a few weeks. I am sure I will be amazed at exactly how much clothing lurks in my closet...

  31. Oh I would be scared to do an inventory. I'd be ashamed of how much stuff I have...I think the best way for me to whittle down my wardobe would be to do a 30x30 for each season and add a few additional pieces for each season and get rid of the rest! It's been the back of my head but I'm not brave enough yet LOL.

  32. I love this idea! I have been detoxing my closet for about a year now and still have too many things that I dont wear! Thanks for the motivation! Susan

  33. i've never done taht before! i bet it's nothing but tshirts in mine, hehe

  34. I haven't really been curious about mine either, but now that everyone is doing them, I sort of want to! I think you number seems reasonable, maybe because I figure I'd be right around the same.

  35. I have loved all of these inventory posts that a lot of you ladies are doing. Like I commented on Kate's Blog also it would be impossible for me to do one because I own way too much stuff, probably triple your number. Plus I have a closet in Europe and one in US. Before leaving the States I got rid of close to 20 large boxes of stuff though. It was much worse, trust me. LOL

  36. I'm glad you wound up doing a closet inventory, Laura! I'm always super curious to see where people fall in numbers and things. We have similar jobs and live in a similar climate, so I imagine our wardrobes would have similar types of pieces. Based on the inventory, we do have some areas of crossover, which is kind of fun to see. I also wish I had done an inventory like this before I started blogging to do a little comparison. I'm going to be posting a 3-month closet inventory update in the next week or two, so I've been busy getting that squared away!

  37. That will be fun to read! I think I want to do one in a year and see if anything changes!

  38. thanks so much for linking up this post Laura! I hadn't seen it before, such an interesting read!

    I'm pleased we had such similar numbers! Although I still have waaaay too many tops, maybe I need to break it down by type like you have to see what the worst category I have is! :)

    Away From The Blue

    2015 Wardrobe Inventory Linkup

  39. I must say that I 280 seemed pretty reasonable to begin with but downsizing to 250 I can also relate with. There are so many things in our closet we just don't use and that take up so much space..