Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nautical Week: Red and Blue

top-Michael Kors (similar, similar) | Skirt-souvenir (similar, similar) | Belt-souvenir (similar, similar) | Shoes-TJMaxx (similar, similar) | Necklace-won | Bracelet-ebay

I've had a good week so far! Lots of little things and a few things with big potential have added up to lots of smiles for me! 
1. Claire now prays with us before meals. Yes, she folds her hands and says, "Amen...amen, amen, amen!" SO cute!
2. A fun presentation I did with another speech therapist at our staff meeting Tuesday night for Better Speech and Hearing Month. 
3. A lovely Mother's Day on Sunday. This is a holiday I am so proud to celebrate now! Plus the weather couldn't have been better.
4. A professional development course I attended last Friday and Saturday and will attend this Friday and Saturday. Saturday work is a little annoying, but I am learning things I can apply! Most of the time professional development isn't relevant, but this time I can use the information! Woohoo!
5. I reached 600 followers yesterday! 

For today I rounded up some cute red and blue nautical items!

It's the last day to enter to win a $15 Target giftcard!


  1. Yeaaay such a great week for you! Congrats on all the professional achievements and for reaching 600 followers. It sucks that when I changed my Blog's URL I lost all of my Bloglovin Followers. Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin by the way. Thank you. =)))

    I take that back THIS outfit today is my Most Favorite one of yours from Nautical week, though I loved Yesterday's too. The skirt and top are so cute and match to a T together.

    My favorite part though was reading about Claire saying AMEN. How cute! Get that on video, girl. I also have some good news about Vivian (read today's post and help me out by voting for her)! Thanks so much, my friend. =)

  2. Glad you are having such a great week! Love your striped skirt, it is nautical perfection.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. What a good week you have had!! I hate professional development things too, so it is nice to hear that this one is relevant!! I love this patterned top paired with the stripes! Great idea! Susan

  4. Love your shirt!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  5. Such a cute nautical look! Love it all!

  6. Congrats on 600, rock star. And seriously, you are SO cute in this nautical outfit; I love it!


  7. I love the mixed prints! Such a gorgeous skirt!


  8. Congrats on all these fun moments! Super cute that your daughters prays along- precious! And I was just watching an episode of "Little Couple" on TLC and saw a speech therapist working with their son, Will. It was incredible what kinds of things they do so my hat is off to you girl!

  9. Omgsh what a great week!! Congrats on 600 followers--that it huge :) And the fact that your little girl now prays before meals is just the sweetest thing! And you are looking fabulous as ever!



  10. Thanks Valerie! It can be so much fun to work with children!

  11. Thanks Tori! I was pretty excited! I called my husband and he probably thought I won the lottery at first! ;)

  12. This is such a great outfit! I love the colors and patterns together.
    Yay for having a great week! Hopefully Friday is just as awesome :)

  13. Sounds like a great week and I love this top :)

  14. This is so cute! Hooray for hitting 600 followers!

  15. Love the striped skirt with the red belt! :) I was wearing red and blue just yesterday too! Such a nice colour combination. I've joined the linkup, thank you! :)

    Away From Blue

  16. We are loving the nautical trend too! You look gorgeous! Thanks for linking up!!
    xo, Steph of White Coat Wardrobe & Bethany of Perfectly Coutured

  17. It sounds like you had a great week, Laura! Congratulations on 600 followers, too! What a great milestone :) I LOVE this skirt - it's one of my favorite pieces that you have, and I think it looks great with your top as well.

  18. A shining blond hair, bright red, blue and white altogether------you are one modern fairy!
    If I have to choose one favorite, I will choose this one.
    But I am sure you will always bring us more amazing looks.
    From Jing