Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Twofer Tuesday: Skirts

Shirt-NY&Co (similar, similar) | Skirt-Loft via thredUp (similar, similar) | Belt-BR (similar, similar) | Boots-Etienne Aigner (similar) | Necklace-Jane (similar) | Bracelets-JCrew (exact), Stella and Dot

Um, no I'm not actually wearing white tights. Those are my legs. Yeah. Being a runner I've dealt with sock tans, shorts tans, and tank top tans so white legs really fail to embarrass me. The second time I wore this skirt I realized how the pleats at the waist make it poof out all around. Doesn't exactly do fabulous things for your waist or backside. But the pretty sheen makes up for it! ;)

Blouse-Gap outlet (similar, similar) | Cardigan-Target (similar, similar) | Skirt-Arden B. (similar, similar) | Belt-Goodwill (similar) | Necklace-souvenir (similar) | Watch-Michael Kors | Earrings-Kohls (similar) | Boots-DSW (similar) | Tights-Walmart

This was one of those outfits you think of as you are trying to fall asleep and type quickly into the notepad app on your iphone. Oh. You don't do that? We'll file that under #fashionbloggerproblems then (along with taking your picture after work when your shirt is super wrinkled)! I envisioned it with a mint necklace, but ended up liking how this one kept more with the monochromatic look of the outfit. 
And wishing a Happy Birthday to my favorite (only) niece! Love you! 


  1. Happy birthday to your niece. How old is she?

    I love both outfits and love both skirts & necklaces. I love how you wore tights. Great outfits to transition from Winter to Spring. And I know it has been a heck-long Winter for you guys.

  2. I think of outfit all the time before going to to sleep. Ya for bare leg must mean you are getting some nice weather.

  3. Both outfits are great looks and instead of thinking white legs think freedom from tights, that is how I convinced myself today that white was an in colour for legs.

  4. Yay for bare legs! Spring is here! :)

    You look super cute in both looks- especially love the preppy first look with the classic button up. :)


  5. Ooh! I love both of these looks! That combination of light blue and cognac in the first outfit is so pretty. I am also loving that shimmery skirt :)

  6. That second blouse is so pretty! I used to tan easily, and would have great tan lines from that. I have been upset that I can't get any color, but it's also for the best when I'm playing soccer and have tall socks and shorts that would otherwise create some epic tan lines.

  7. Oh I bet! My tans usually start at my ankles and go to mid thigh. ;)