Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Twofer Tuesday

Flannel-JCrew Factory (similar, similar) // Vest-Loft (similarsimilar) // Cords-Old Navy (similar) // Boots-Espirit (similar) // Necklace-Stella and Dot Sutton

I've been wanting to add a plaid flannel to my closet for quite a while. They always look nice and warm on other people. So when Matt and I had a chance to visit the outlet mall over my break I had it in mind. I was really excited to find out JCrew Factory was having a massive sale because I had admired JCrew plaid shirts on other bloggers for a while. Sure enough there was a huge rack of plaid shirts in the clearance section. I pulled out about five thinking, "Today is my lucky day!" Until I went to the fitting room and the attendant said, "You know those are men's, right?" Man I hate it when they move the store sections around. But men's shirts be darned. I bought one anyway. Maybe a middle school boy could fit in this, but not any man I know!

 Sweater-gift (similar, similar) // Shirt-Kohls // Pants-Delia's (similar, similar) // Boots-Naturalizer (similar, similar) // Necklace-Stella and Dot Sutton // Earrings-gift // Watch-Michael Kors
A sweater and jeans is something that is so practical during the winter, but I sometimes struggle with how to add interest and make it seem more special. I've come up with a few ideas. A jewelry like a necklace or earrings can add a little sparkle. Colored or printed pants can add more interest, but are just as comfortable as jeans. A little extra time spent on your hair like curls or even twisting some hair back can also make an outfit special.  
What do you do to add more interest to an outfit?


  1. I am loving the colors in that first outfit. I was just thinking how I haven't seen a plaid shirt in those colors before, but I guess that's because I wasn't shopping in the right departments!

  2. Love all of the brown in the first outfit! Wouldn't have known it was a man's shirt if you hadn't said. Great find getting it on clearance too! :)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Both of these outfits are Equestrian-Chic, especially loving the first one. Great Boots & Colored Pants. =)

  4. Great winter chic looks! Love how you added some sparkle. Hope you can stop by and link up to Monday Mingle again. We got a late start, but we're up today over at BonBon Rose Girls! :)

  5. I love the mix of white and plaid!

    xoxo, KP

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  6. I love the check shirt in the first round of pictures :).

  7. The colors are what drew me straight to it (without looking at the Men's Clearance sign above me!). ;)

  8. Thanks Mica! And I hope everything has been going well for you so far!! :)

  9. I've been known to deliberately poke around the mens section - why not? it's just as cute!

  10. I have a thing for color pants. I feel like it's all I wear lately! I personally love Hue's The Original Jean Leggings. Because they look like pants but have the comfort of leggings. Found your blog on the Style Sessions link up.


  11. I haven't tried those, but they sound great! I was thinking about adding a green pair to my closet. Thanks for the tip! :)

  12. Who cares if it's a man's shirt - I have plenty of those in my closet. I purposely look in the men's department, esp the clearance racks because there are always plenty of smalls left. And I'm loving those purple pants. They make me long for spring! Thanks for linking up.


  13. After this I am definitely looking in the men's section more. I like the length of it and you can get some really great deals!! I bet there are tons of smalls and XS in clearance because no one can fit in them!

  14. Bah, men's shirt, women's shirt. If it's cute and it fits, it's coming home! I love the color of your new plaid!

    <3 Vicki

  15. Men's shirts are THE BEST! Looking fab as always! Thanks for linking up with Stylish Tuesday!

    xo, Paige