Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fashion Cents Series: Target

Today I am going to focus on saving money at Target. I love that store, so I figured I'd dedicate a whole post to it. There are lots of ways Target makes couponing and saving money easy so I hope I can break it all down into easy to follow parts.

Skirt ($10) (similar, similar) and shoes ($20)(similar, similar) -Target

1. Target Sales

We all know the Target clearance rack is addicting and has some fabulous deals. But what if you don't want to take the chance of the item you covet actually making it to the clearance rack? Keep an eye on the weekly deals. Popular Target brands Mossimo and Merona typically will go on sale for a week at their lowest price. This is often a whole number (e.g. $15, $7, $18). For items like their cardigans or, recently their pencil skirts that price will be the lowest unless it ends up on clearance.

shorts- Target ($15) (similar, similar)

2. Target Coupons

Target sale price still not low enough? It typically isn't for me, either. That's why I scour the paper and internet for Target coupons. You can use the coupons only at Target, but they can be used on sale and clearance items. They can be found on the Target website under their coupons section or on the Target app where you can use it directly from the app or add the coupon to your passbook. I almost always am able to find a coupon for clothes!

Tunic- Target ($20?) (similar, similar)

3. Cartwheel

Cartwheel is another app for saving money at Target. You can search through the app and see if the item you want is on Cartwheel. You can add it to your profile and use it just like a coupon by having the cashier scan it for an additional percentage off. Often the percentage is low (5%), but I have gotten up to 25% off on a shirt for my husband. The great thing with Target is you can get an item on sale, use a coupon (through the Target app or printed out), and use a percentage off through Cartwheel!

Cardigan-Target ($12) (exact, crewneck

4. Shopkick

Shopkick is a newer app I just started using about a month ago. It is not exclusively for Target. You get 'kicks' for entering stores (if you remember to open the app in the store), searching through the 'lookbooks' (like mini catalogues), scanning select items at stores, and having friends join. You can also link up a credit card to get kicks for buying things at some of the participating stores (I haven't done this). Once you have enough kicks, you can exchange them for a small giftcard. I've only earned a $5 Target giftcard so far, but if I am going in to stores anyway, I might as well get the kicks and giftcards for it! 

I hope this helps with Target savings and you all get some fabulous deals!
Pants-Target ($15) (similar, similar)

(I wasn't compensated in any way by any of the companies or apps mentioned here either.)

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  1. Great ideas! I did not know there is a Target app!!! Whoppee!! Thanks! Susan

  2. Thanks for sharing these tips! I recently downloaded the cartwheel app, but I might have to try shopkick too!

  3. Great tips! I need to give those apps a try!

  4. I am totally willing to wait for something to go on clearance at Target. Great tip about the coupons online, I didn't know that. Although I use the heck out of that 5% discount with my Red Card.

  5. Good tips, I'm all about Target.

  6. Thanks Susan! You can shop, get the weekly circular, or get coupons from the app! It's pretty nice! :)

  7. No problem! It took me about 2 months to earn a $5 gift card from Target, but it's nice because so many stores participate in it you can get gift cards a lot of different places.

  8. They are pretty nice, hopefully you save some money! The Target is nice because it has different coupons than the Target website so I always check both before I purchase anything.

  9. I keep debating on getting a Red Card, but my credit card has decent rewards points. But my brother loves it because you can use manufacturer's coupon, Target coupon, Cartwheel, AND the Red Card all on the same item which is nice for groceries and necessities.

  10. Me too! We live just down the street from one which is awesome!

  11. I can't say I shop at Target as much as most bloggers do. Sometimes I can't find anything and other times when I do they are over-prices for Target. I will take your Target tips to heart.

  12. I agree Target can be overpriced which is why I never get anything unless it's on sale, or I have a coupon (or both!). The great thing is all of the tips apply to baby clothes as well!