Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Budget

1. Polka dot button up shirt- JCPenney $25.34 (exactpopover)
2. Green gingham shirt- JCPenney $11.61 (similarsleeveless)
3. Black and white print sweater- Old Navy $8.45 (houndstooth optionsimilar in navy)
4. Pink print shorts- Old Navy (exact) $5.91
5. Skirt- Loft via Goodwill $5.24 (similar printblack and tan print)
6. Polka dot skirt- Merona via Target $8.11 (tiered option)
7. Plum shorts- Old Navy (exact) $4.22
8. Seahorse shirt- Merona via Target $5.81 (same style)
9. Coral blazer- Zara via eBay $31.98 (exact, pricier)
10. Black and white print shorts- Old Navy (exact) $8.45
11. Grey blazer- Club Monaco via Goodwill $5.25 (similar, banana republic option)
TOTAL: 120.37 

Under budget again! The great thing is I am rolling it all over to next month with some extra birthday gift cash. That way if I want to get a more expensive piece it won't blow my whole month's budget (because let's face it. There is no way I can limit myself to one or two items!). I really love all the things I bought this month. I feel like I was keeping my wardrobe goals in mind and got some great deals. Although I might keep the tags on my polka dot shirt and see if I can get a coupon and repurchase it. All my purchases are really versatile (even if I haven't been able to wear them out of my house yet because of the heat- #5 and #11 I'm talking about you!).

I've also been thinking about what I want to add to my closet for fall and winter. A few things on my wish list are a plaid button up shirt, red cardigan, leopard flats, plum skinny jeans, Hunter boots, and it wouldn't be fall if I didn't buy a scarf or two.

What's on your fall wish list?

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  1. You got some awesome things! Is that polka dot top navy or black? I really want a black and white one, but haven't seen one! My fall wish list includes some new jeans, and some new boots.

  2. Wow, you did great! I can see you being able to wear all of these things with a lot of what's already in your closet, and you got a lot of pieces for a great price! Plaid button up and leopard flats are a must (in my opinion, since I already own them and wear them a lot ;) ). And at least one new scarf is on my wish list. I bought one of my wish list items yesterday (cognac flats). Otherwise, I'll be keeping my eyes out for new boots, maroon pants, a leather jacket, and a dress I can wear in the fall (as I feel all of mine work in every other season BUT fall, for some reason). We'll see how it goes!

  3. Great job, I really like the blazers you got! I really want a polka dot blouse. I actually bought one this month from The Limited, but I've decided it's not what I'm looking for and it has to go back. I'll have to check out the JCP one!

  4. Oooh, yet another wonderful month of shopping for you, Laura! You got some really great pieces. Love the blazers, love the polka dot blouse, love the sweater!!

  5. Thanks! It's black and I am so happy I found it. I think it will be a great layering piece. I might have to add new jeans to my list, too because all of mine are getting worn out!

  6. I really tried to make sure all the pieces were versatile. I can't wait to see your cognac flats! I was debating on maroon or dark purple pants, but looking at my tops I think more would go with purple (although I won't say no if I find a maroon pair for a good price!). Good luck with your dress hunt! I love a good sweater dress. I also wear blazers over my lighter weight dresses or long sleeves underneath to extend their wear.

  7. I wanted the JCrew factory polka dot popover, but I found the JCP one and it was much cheaper (and practically the same). It will be a great layering piece for fall!

  8. Thanks! I was so excited I found a grey blazer at Goodwill. It's been on my wish list for a while.

  9. Thanks for the info! I've been eyeing the JCrew Factory one too. I'm going to return my polka dot top from the Limited today and there's a JCP in the same mall, so I'm going to try to pick it up!

  10. I'm trying to redo my wardrobe, but not spend too much money. Right now I'm looking for a few basics, a brown or beige sweater, cognac shoes or boots and a nice plaid shirt. And accessories :)

  11. I love my cognac boots! Shoes or boots, they will be a great staple for you! I am still looking for a plaid shirt I like, too.