Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Breakfast Crescent Roll "Wreath"

When I asked my husband what he wanted for breakfast for Father's Day he said he would like something with bacon and cheese. Well, duh. Gee thanks for the ideas. I found a on my pinterest recipe board and thought it would fit the bill. The recipe is from here, but I guess she got it from here who got the idea from some other place (Does anyone else feel like we are playing the game Telephone with recipes?). Whoever originally created it, great job! It was a hit and came together fairly quickly.

 1. You will need 5 eggs, 8 slices of bacon, 1 cup of shredded cheese, and a tube of crescent rolls. The original recipe calls for seasoning salt, but I forgot it. I think that was the point where Matt woke up and I was like, "You aren't supposed to be up yet! It's Father's Day!"

2. First I cooked my bacon. I used the microwave since I only needed 8 slices. If you've never done that before, you lay a couple paper towels on a microwave safe plate and lay out your bacon slices (add another layer of paper towels and bacon if you need). Then cover it with another paper towel and microwave for 5-7 minutes or until bacon it done. The nice part about this method is I don't have grease to clean up all over my stove top. While the bacon was cooking, I scrambled my 5 eggs. I didn't take a picture because we all know what scrambled eggs look like. Chop your bacon when it is cooked.

3. Lay out the crescent roll on a greased pizza stone. You could use a cookie sheet if you don't have one. It should look like the suns we used to draw on our pictures as kids...or a beheaded octopus.

4. Now we get to start filling it. The first layer should be your chopped bacon. Then add about 1/3 cup of your shredded cheese.

 5. Pile on your scrambled eggs and the remaining cheese. This would be the part you put 1t. of seasoning salt, if desired. 

6. Fold over the crescent rolls, join them in the middle and press the ends together. Bake at 375F for 15-17 minutes or until the crescent rolls are golden brown, like picture below. Cut into 8 slices and serve while warm!
All done!

In other news...
Since Claire will be 6 months next week, we decided to try some solids. I get the feeling she wasn't too impressed.


  1. I just saw this the other day! It looks so easy... I'll have to give it a try sometime soon!

    1. It was pretty easy! I like to make taco and broccoli ham 'wreaths' too.